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cedkhoRn: it looks like production but it is not :-)00:00
hoRncedk:Yes. So first i posted in tryton-dev that I will start the production module - but finally I got an other one00:01
cedkhoRn: yes we need to find the good term, it is like production but the result is a service00:02
cedksharoon: have you idea?00:02
hoRncedk: It's more conected to the project module - because every request is a project00:02
cedkhoRn: not wrong :-)00:03
cedkhoRn: a task indeed ;-)00:03
cedkhoRn: did you extend the Model?00:03
hoRncedk, sharoon: let me explian where I'm right now00:04
hoRnok: how to explain00:06
cedkhoRn: show the code :-)00:07
hoRnto much - finally 10 modules/extensions00:07
cedkThe code is worth a thousands words :-)00:08
hoRncedk: and I'm scared00:08
hoRndissing me00:08
hoRni have put it in german for having better orientation ;)00:09
hoRnok - i will paste00:09
cedkhoRn: don't paste on irc00:09
sharooncedk: [out of context] can you have a custom pastie and its link on the topic00:09
cedkhoRn: you can use codereview if you want00:10
hoRni will take
hoRnshit - muhahaha00:13
cedksharoon: I don't see the interest00:13
cedksharoon: anyone is free to use what he wants00:13
hoRnsharoon: take a look at line 4 in
sharoonhoRn: the docstring comes from the sale opportunity module... but i dont see my copyright anywhere ;)00:16
hoRnsorry for that!00:17
sharoonhoRn: but on the code side i think you have used too many globals and the code needs serious improvements. if you need help maybe its better to push to codereview and others could review it00:17
hoRnsomewhere - I dont know where - you can generate a project from a sale. module work.....00:18
cedkhoRn: the code looks very very specific00:19
hoRneach product has a bunch of specifications - a product "simple coating" - has a lot of pssible specifications: the employee sells "coating simple" and afterwards he specifies what to do in the production process00:20
sharoonhoRn: agree with cedk, and also the IndustryCoating class line 278 does not have any ancestors00:20
hoRncedk: yes - this is more than  specific - but  totaly normal in the "finishing industry"00:21
cedkhoRn: if I understand well, you create a documenent that will generate later some and an sale opportunity00:21
hoRnsale.opportunity I had first - but the business is to fast for this00:22
cedkhoRn: so it could be directly sales00:22
cedkhoRn: I think it is better with sale :-)00:23
cedkI don't see what could be generic :-(00:25
hoRncedk: i first have impleted the specification with sharoons sale.opportunity. than  the client says: its to much workflow before a project. so I cutted the pre.sale00:25
hoRnthere is one thing that could be generic: the idea that a saale genereates a project00:25
cedkhoRn: yes but it is not so simple, sometime it is the opposite00:26
hoRncedk: ?00:26
cedkhoRn: you define the project (+ tasks) then you compute a price and finally you sale it00:27
cedkACTION need to think about it00:30
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hoRncedk: i have used a other way (inspired by sharoons sale.opportunity) - the product has a many2one specification: f.e. a "website" - but a lot of ways to do it00:32
hoRnfirst you do a specification: thats the horrible file I pasted (for coating)00:34
hoRnin this specification you talk with the client - lot of communication - change something and so on. from this specification you can do a sale and a project in on click: the product "website" has the price calculated in the specification in sale.line. a  project is generated with a link to the specification - so the employees can take a look to the specification an pit timelines on it. the...00:38
hoRn...product website is unchanged.00:38
hoRnwebsite = coating00:39
hoRnthe difference to sharoon idea: you don't generate a opportunity - you generate a specific variant  of a product. the hard thing it to hold the information about the specification in all the workflow until bill00:46
hoRnwill go to sleep - tomorrow i will catch new clients for the great ERP tryton ;)00:50
hoRnelectricity contracts - 'drop selling' is the term I guess ....00:51
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tshepanglooking at, I see that mercurial-nested is available from Debian Testing/Unstable15:42
tshepangso no need to use pol there15:42
cedktshepang: no15:42
cedktshepang: I think we should cleanup all this installation wiki pages because now Tryton is packages for most of the distrib15:43
tshepanghuh, the Debian page looks fine15:43
tshepangu say no to what?15:44
cedktshepang: no need to use pip15:45
tshepangoh, so u agree15:45
tshepangalso, is there a need to add anything to .hgrc?15:46
tshepangmy setup works without that15:46
tshepangam referring to echo -e "[extensions]\nhgnested=" >> ~/.hgrc15:46
cedktshepang: that is to enable hgnested15:47
tshepanghgnested works for me without the entry15:47
cedktshepang: it is strange15:49
cedktshepang: how did you install it?15:49
tshepangwas surprised too15:49
tshepangvia apt-get15:49
tshepangmaybe it installs the entry eelswhere?15:50
cedktshepang: perhaps in /etc/mercurial/hgrc15:51
tshepangyeah, /etc/mercurial/hgrc.d15:51
cedktshepang: you should ask to the package maintainer15:51
tshepangI did a 'dpkg --listfiles mercurial-nested'15:52
cedkI find it is a bad idea from Debian to activate automaticly hg extensions15:52
tshepangfile is at /etc/mercurial/hgrc.d/hgnested.rc15:52
tshepangit's against upstream philosophy15:52
cedktshepang: fill a bug :-)15:54
tshepangbut thinking about it, if one installs it, he obviously wanna use the extension15:54
tshepangthis is different from, say, the extensions that come bundled with mercurial itself15:54
tshepangand hgnested is external15:54
cedktshepang: your thought doesn't work on multi-use env15:54
tshepangI guess15:55
tshepangit's a trade-off I think15:55
cedkyangoon: ping15:55
cedkdba: ping15:56
tshepangand hgnested is not a dangerous extension, unlike say, purge15:57
cedktshepang: they are the debian maintainer15:57
tshepanghuh? those two, ok15:57
cedktshepang: it monkey-patch some code of base hg15:57
dbacedk: pong15:57
cedkdba: it seems you have activated hgnested by default in debian package15:58
cedkdba: I think it should be off by default15:58
dbacedk: depends (first of all, i've never used hgnested at all, so i've not much clue about it)15:58
dbacedk: debian by default ships stuff enabled (unless it doesn't make sense at all);15:58
dbaif it makes no sense at all, i can't say. yangoon would be best to say imho.15:59
nicoein /etc/mercurial/hgrc.d/hgext.rc no extension is activated by default15:59
cedkdba: I don't have a Debian but nicoe tells me he has a lot of hg extensions installed and any are activated by default15:59
cedkdba: hgnested monkey-patch some hg commands16:00
cedkdba: so it can break stuff or be incompatible with other extensions16:00
cedkdba: for me it is safer to let the user activate it where he wants16:00
dbacedk: the debian rule in general is 'user installs $package, therefore he wanted it'16:01
dbacedk: i'll prefere to hear yangoon first, before disabling it.16:02
cedkdba: it is strange because it is system-wide activated but you need perhaps only for specific usage16:02
cedkdba: no problem I can live with that (as I'm not a Debian user :-)16:02
tshepangI'm also for disablement16:02
tshepangit's easy enough to enable it I think16:03
cedktshepang: yes it is standard way for hg16:03
tshepangand now it leads to surprised ppl like me, that why does it work16:03
cedkdba: by the way, have you some hint for the Fondation ?16:03
tshepangwhen I didn't enable it16:03
cedkdba: the advantage to make it in Switzerland?16:04
dbacedk: sorry.. i'm hesitant just because i'm not competent with hg/hg workflow etc. i'm ignorantly living in a git only world :(16:04
tshepangnote that a monster like postgresql is also enabled to start on boot-up16:04
dbacedk: the downside: you need one person in the board with a permanent resident in .ch;16:04
tshepangalso stuff like apache2 and ssh-server16:04
tshepangin Debian16:04
dbacedk: the advantage: no legal costs, no other costs (well, one time 400CHF if you want to have a 'qualified' status), no taxes (unless you have more than 60'000CHF on the account),16:05
tshepangdba, I'm curious why u decided to use git for Debian packaging16:06
tshepangesp since upstream uses hg16:06
dbacedk: and if you pay taxes, they are by the lowest in europe (in particulary, taxes on funds are probably the lowest in europe)16:06
nicoeI think the procmail package is not enabled by default in debian16:06
dbatshepang: because i'm using the same packaging workflow (with git) for all my other packages16:06
cedkdba: the bad part is the requirement of local resident :-(16:07
dbanicoe: procmail would touch $home16:07
nicoecorrection not procmail but fetchmail16:07
tshepangso u dont get issues with dealing with the git hg equivalent?16:07
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nicoeIf you want to use fetchmail system-wide you have to enable it that way16:08
dbanicoe: never used fetchmail, but wouldn't that require mail sever configuration first?16:08
dbatshepang: my 'input' is the release tarballs, not the hg repository.16:08
tshepangoh, ok16:08
nicoeI stop using it 5 years ago and I think that it delivered to exim which trigger procmail16:08
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tshepangwhe doing module update on front-end, does it do an 'hg npull for' me?16:42
cedktshepang: no16:42
tshepangdoes it get some tarballs somewhere?16:43
cedktshepang: no16:44
cedktshepang: it is just update the database according to the code16:44
tshepangcedk, I know not what ya mean16:51
nicoeYou can have changed the xml file and stuff like that, so doing an update will update (;)) this information16:51
tshepangoh, I see16:54
tshepangamazing what one can do with gtk; I always considered it rigid, certainly more than web interfaces I've seen17:20
tshepangthis GUI of tryton is quite nifty17:20
tshepanggreat work17:20
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tshepangis there a way to add self to roundup nosy list without typing out my whole username?17:50
tshepangoh I see, I have to click on list, then search my name... not so intuitive17:54
tshepangshould this bug not be closed
cedktshepang: I made a post on the mailing list to deprecate tryton-dev18:09
cedktshepang: I'm waiting for more reaction18:09
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yangoonanyone running tryton on python2.7?21:48
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