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cedkyangoon: for your email issue with codereview11:13
cedkyangoon: I would like to test if it works if I add you as a viewer of the app11:14
yangoon cedk great, should I test on the test issue right now?11:15
cedkyangoon: wait11:15
cedkyangoon: you should receive an invitation11:16
cedksharoon: did you make progress on MPTT performence issue?11:17
yangooncedk: I get two possibilities to sign in, which one should I take for testing? I think I should test first "OR, if is a Google Apps Account, you can sign in and11:18
yangoonaccept or decline this invitation here:"11:18
cedkyangoon: I don't know11:20
cedkyangoon: I just use your email address11:20
cedkyangoon: do you have 2 google account?11:21
yangoonthe difference between the two tokens is additionally  "?app_id=tryton-rietveld" in the second one11:21
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yangooncedk: works now11:27
cedkyangoon: you seem to be active11:27
cedkyangoon: strange11:27
yangooncedk: I had indeed to re-register to google apps11:27
yangooncedk: this was never shwon before11:28
yangoonand yes, I have two accounts, changed the rietveld account a while ago11:28
yangoonand in case I have to wrk on old issue (rarely) I have to sign in with the old account11:29
yangoonso perhaps some mixup in the auth process at google11:30
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yangooncedk: we should remember that on similar problems (re-)registration should be possible from
cedkyangoon: put it on roundup issue11:36
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cedkis someone know if we can multi-threaded cursor.execute calls with psycopg?12:43
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rhubnerHi sharoon!15:08
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cedkgot my answer
sharoonrhubner: hi15:35
cedksharoon: did you see my question?15:38
sharooncedk: nope15:38
cedksharoon: have you made progress with MPTT?15:38
sharooncedk: i will be working on it next week.15:39
cedksharoon: ok15:41
sharooncedk: if you update any module, the entire tables get locked out. Is there any reason ? One i see is that the indexes are recreated (which is not concurrent)15:41
cedksharoon: indeed there is a lock on the Pool I think15:43
cedksharoon: it is because you could have an inconsistant state during the process15:43
sharooncedk: ok15:43
sharooncedk: can you guide me to the part where this is set ?15:44
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rhubnersharoon: is everything ok about gsoc?15:45
sharoonrhubner: hi, not heard from you since the last time we talked on IRC15:45
sharoonrhubner: how is your work going ?15:46
rhubnersharoon: I looked you last weekend.. So I did some tasks...15:47
sharoonrhubner: great15:47
sharoonrhubner: do you have a public repository ?15:47
rhubnersharoon: I did a prototype for wisywig editor15:48
sharoonrhubner: ok15:48
rhubnersharoon: I still didn't a repository15:48
cedkrhubner, sharoon: I think it is good to use for every students15:48
rhubnersharoon: do you have any suggestion?15:48
rhubnersharoon: is google code uses mercurial?15:49
sharoonrhubner: as cedk said, is the best solution. The community can comment against the lines of code and so far the best tool i know for this purpose15:49
rhubnersharoon: Haaa Ok ... I will use the codereview in tryton...15:51
sharoonrhubner: u can maintain your repository anywhere (my fav is now bitbucket which is free) but i think the collaboration and review is better done using codereview..15:51
rhubnersharoon: do i need to open a new issues?15:51
sharoonrhubner: yes15:51
sharoonrhubner: better to use the script15:52
cedkrhubner: or hgreview :-)15:52
sharooncedk: looking at the code, it uses RLock of threading which affects only the instance of tryton, what if there is another instance of tryton (or even on a separate box) ?15:52
rhubnerOk sharoon... I'll finish the prototype and until next week (start code) i show you in code review15:55
sharoonrhubner: dont wait for me15:55
sharoonrhubner: you can always talk in the IRC - there are lot of people more knowledgable in tryton than me and can help you :)15:55
rhubnersharoon: thanks...15:57
sharoonrhubner: good luck15:57
rhubnersharoon: only one issue is enough to all project?15:57
rhubnersharoon: How is somebody doing this?15:58
sharoonrhubner: You can create an issue and then keep adding changes to it, you could try creating a dummy issue on if you want to try and be familiar with it15:58
sharoonrhubner: take this example
sharoonrhubner: initially a patch was proposed and then based on comments improvements are made and sent as patchset 2, 3, and 416:00
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rhubneri understood.. but i still have a question!16:01
sharoonrhubner:  ok ?16:02
rhubnersharoon: like I said before, I started making the prototype out of tryton client16:02
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rhubnersharoon: then I'll additions the features on it and place it as a widget on the client16:03
cedksharoon: with multi-instance there is no protection16:04
rhubnersharoon: when i'll put it on the client a need create other issue right?16:04
sharooncedk: I doubt it, there is some lock which prevents data from being accessed from other tables too. I thin it is recreating indexes everytime we upgrade and it takes an awful lot of time16:05
rhubnersharoon: or can i do this in some issue?16:05
sharoonrhubner: the issues are changesets/diffs - so 1 issue per repository16:06
cedksharoon: normally it should no recreate index if they already exist16:06
sharoonrhubner: so changeset for tryton (client) - 1 issue for specific task16:06
sharooncedk: i will check and come back to you16:06
rhubnersharoon: ok...16:08
rhubnersharoon: i think i'll just one more problem16:09
rhubnersharoon: I don't know if the "html view" is possible...16:09
rhubnersharoon: indeed! I think it's possible ... But I found how to do this!16:11
rhubnersharoon: i didn't found16:11
rhubnersharoon: So... I'll study this problem and find the solution!16:15
cedksharoon: did you test
rhubnersharoon: I'll try to stay longer here if you need anything! Thanks16:16
sharooncedk: I will test it16:20
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rhubnercedk: to start my code review I need to create a new repository in google code?17:42
rhubnercedk: Because I still will not modify the client Tryton ... I'll do a separate editor and then add it as a widget ...17:44
rhubnercedk: do you understand my question?17:45
bechamelrhubner: no need for a repo on google code for the codereview17:49
bechamelrhubner: a codereview is basically a patch shown in a fancy web page17:49
bechamelso all you have to do is to edit your local copy of the code and the use, which will send the result of "hg diff" to the codereview server17:50
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webwursthi! is the server "" down?20:53
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