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zodmandudes when prevent_dblist = True can not do a backup is it a bug ?00:27
cedkzodman: not a bug but a missing feature00:28
zodman:O jeje it is a bug fill a issue00:28
zodmanok ced i fill a issue and solve as you can.00:36
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rhubnerHi cedk13:55
rhubnercedk: where do i configure parameter to configure hgreview?13:57
rhubnercedk: Can you send your mercurial configure file?13:58
nicoerhubner: What do you want to do ?13:59
cedkrhubner: in the hgrc file create a section [review] and add server = http://codereview.tryton.org14:00
rhubnercedk: my config is correct?
rhubnercedk: and how can i send the file from my repository to codereview?14:07
rhubnercedk: what are the parameters? hg review ...14:07
cedkrhubner: just: hg review14:08
rhubnercedk: error: connection time out! can it be in the server?14:23
cedkrhubner: strange14:23
cedkrhubner: did you create a user on the server first?14:23
rhubnercedk: yes14:23
rhubnercedk: rhubner@gmail.com14:23
cedkACTION check the logs14:25
cedkrhubner: could you try again?14:25
rhubnercedk: does't work14:28
rhubnercedk: i don't understand it...14:28
cedkrhubner: could you type: hg help review14:30
rhubnercedk: I was in my folder of my files, i did 'hg init', 'hg add *' ... and now i'm running 'hg review'14:31
rhubnercedk: 'hg help review' show me some options, -r, -i, ...14:33
cedkrhubner: ok so the extension works14:34
cedkrhubner: are you behind a proxy/firewall ?14:34
rhubnercedk: no...14:34
cedkrhubner: is hgreview asking you your username/password ?14:35
rhubnercedk: my configuration file need anything else?14:35
rhubnercedk: yes14:36
cedkrhubner: no14:37
rhubnercedk: ask me 'New issue subject', 'Email' and 'Password'14:37
rhubnercedk: the message error:
cedkrhubner: and you can access to the website?14:41
rhubnercedk: yes14:41
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rhubnercedk: which file should he send to codereview? All of the folder?14:42
cedkrhubner: all the files you added to mercurial14:43
rhubnercedk: what are the parameters to use
cedkrhubner: just fetch it from
rhubnercedk: I can not use either of them ... I do not know how to show my files ....14:57
udonorhubner: hi, which OS you are using?14:59
rhubnerudono: ubuntu 10.0414:59
udonorhubner: When you manually use the same error appears?15:00
rhubnerudono: what are the parameters to use
rhubnerudono: i already get from
udonorhubner: just, it will usually request all parameters.15:03
rhubnerudono: it appears this: No output from ['hg', 'parent', '-q']15:04
udonorhubner: ah, ok. In this case I commit a dummy file first.15:05
udonotouch dummy; hg add dummy; hg commit dummy -m"initial commit."; hg remove dummy15:06
cedkrhubner: no, just append -rev 015:07
udonocedk: thanks15:09
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udonorhubner: did it work `hg review -rev 0` ?15:17
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rhubnerudono: ask me the parameters, but not send...15:23
rhubnershow me this error: urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 110] Connection timed out>15:23
rhubnerudono: I think this error is on my computer...15:24
rhubnerudono: because appears 'connection time out' with and hgreview15:24
udonorhubner: and with --rev=0 ?15:25
rhubnerudono: connection time out!15:31
rhubnerudono: i'll try after...15:31
rhubnerudono: after I come back here ... thanks15:32
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