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cedkmeanmicio: ping17:04
meanmiciohey cedric17:04
cedkmeanmicio: I was reviewing medical module17:04
meanmicioI was about to ping you17:04
meanmiciogot some questions17:04
cedkmeanmicio: I'm thinking about medical.medicament17:04
cedkmeanmicio: I think it could be a inherits of product.product17:05
meanmicioIt is.17:05
cedkmeanmicio: not now17:06
cedkmeanmicio: there is even a TODO for related field17:06
meanmicioNo, just added some fields.17:07
meanmicioI meant I refer to product.product17:07
cedkmeanmicio: yes but I think making an inherits is better17:07
meanmicioOh yes, that's one of the questions I have17:07
meanmicioabout fields.related17:07
cedkmeanmicio: yes17:08
meanmicioI have it there and in the patient object, where I use it to put the patient lastname, taken from the party object17:09
meanmicioIs there an analogous to fields.related in Tryton ?17:09
cedkmeanmicio: no and yes :-)17:10
cedkmeanmicio: there is no equivalent but indeed related field in OE is just Function field17:10
meanmicioI'll look for it then. It comes pretty handy17:12
meanmicioLet me put some questions / comments on some things that I run into it, then you tell me the current status.17:13
cedkmeanmicio: ok17:13
meanmicioAbility to set attributes like required in views (handy so no need to change the program) // Calendar view //  fields.related (we just talked about it)17:15
meanmicioThe use of onchange in views17:16
meanmicioI think that's pretty much it. The rest of the port is coming along great.17:16
meanmicioI'm quite motivated looking at how is shaping up.17:17
cedkmeanmicio: ok let's start with the state/on_change in views17:17
cedkmeanmicio: we decided to make a clear separation between the view (display) and the behavior (controller)17:18
cedklike that, the same record behaves the same on any places of the application17:18
yangooncedk: maintenance releases are finished, news are prepared17:19
cedkif you have a field required only in one view, then you can start editing a record in this but it doesn't have the field filled so you must fill it to be able to save your change17:19
cedkyangoon: great17:19
cedkyangoon: will make win32/mac monday17:20
yangooncedk: great17:20
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cedkmeanmicio: is it clear?17:21
cedkmeanmicio: I think that your need of view attributes is instead the usage of states with PySON17:21
cedkmeanmicio: for calendar view, we don't have it17:23
cedkmeanmicio: instead there is the CalDAV with which you can use any program that supports it like Sunbird17:24
meanmiciocedk : I have to look into it. The calendar is quite important, for appointments, beds, operating rooms, ....17:26
meanmicioSo I need to have something that visually shows the status in periods17:27
cedkmeanmicio: and CalDAV is not good?17:28
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meanmiciocedk : I have to look into it. Haven't done it yet17:28
meanmiciocedk : it has to come handy for the end user17:28
meanmiciocedk : so the less apps around, the better.17:29
cedkmeanmicio: agree but for me the current design of views list/form/graph doesn't apply well on calendar17:29
meanmicioWe'll find a way around. Probably for now CalDAV integration will do the trick17:31
cedkmeanmicio: but your events need to be connected to the calendar.event17:33
meanmiciocedk : ok. I will install the calendar module once I get to the object to migrate and check it.17:34
cedkmeanmicio: give me perhaps the name of objects that must be display in calendar17:36
meanmiciocedk : medical.appointment17:38
meanmiciocedk : from the inpatient module functionality, medical.inpatient.registration17:38
cedkmeanmicio: only two?17:40
meanmicioFor now yes. But two critical ones :-)17:42
meanmicioYou can take a look at some functionality screenshot here
cedkmeanmicio: does the calendar view of OE work well?17:43
meanmiciocedk : so far so good17:44
meanmicioIn the screenshot I sent you, it helps a lot to visualize the status of the period somebody is going to be hospitalized, who's the doctor in charge,...17:45
meanmiciocedk : I believe the calendar view is quite nice in OE17:47
cedkmeanmicio: but there are issues with it17:47
meanmiciocedk : I will extend the functionality to nursing protocols, patient medication schedule ....17:48
cedkmeanmicio: I know that it doesn't necessary show you all the events if there are too much (limit=80)17:48
meanmiciocedk : If we can achieve it with CalDAV integration, then is ok17:48
cedkmeanmicio: I think it is doable17:50
meanmiciocedk : Yes, but you can restrict search. In large institutions, you should restrict the search, otherwise it becomes too crowded.17:50
meanmiciocedk : ah, now it came to my mind the "filter" concept . I have to look at the search functionality in Tryton17:51
cedkmeanmicio: why not having many calendars with specific filter17:51
meanmicioand the other thing I remember now is the "shortcut" actions17:55
cedkmeanmicio: what do you mean by "filter" and "shortcut" ?17:56
meanmiciocedk : For example, I currently have implemented  in the patient model form, to have a "shortcut" that takes you to that patient appointments.17:56
meanmicio<act_window domain="[('patient', '=', active_id)]" id="act_patient_appointments" name="Appointments" res_model="medical.appointment" src_model="medical.patient"/>17:57
cedkmeanmicio: ok you mean relate action17:57
meanmiciocedk : ok. Does it create the link in the form ?18:01
cedkmeanmicio: yes18:02
meanmiciocedk : excellent18:02
meanmiciocedk : so that's solved :)18:02
cedkmeanmicio: it is the same but doesn't use the crappy ir_values table :-)18:02
cedkmeanmicio: and filter?18:04
meanmicioBy filter I mean the tag they use in the ir.ui.view18:05
meanmicio<filter string="Institution" icon="terp-personal" domain="[]" context="{'group_by':'institution'}"/>18:05
cedkmeanmicio: we use menu18:07
cedkmeanmicio: but did you see the coming new search widget design?18:10
meanmiciocedk : not yet... just saw it in the news18:10
meanmiciocedk : let me take a look at it now18:10
cedkmeanmicio: there had not yet news about it18:11
meanmicioI read about it somewhere in the tryton homepage.... don't ask me where, but I saw it :-)18:12
cedkmeanmicio: perhaps the fulltext search of a GSoC student?18:14
meanmiciocedk : And I was not listening to Pink Floyd :)18:14
meanmicioudono : thanks !18:16
udonoand the talk on tryton-dev...18:16
udonomeanmicio: welcome!18:16
cedkbut that's not news :-)18:17
cedkmeanmicio: just one thougt about CalDAV, we can also use tryton's URL to open event directly18:20
meanmicioI still think I also read something in the homepage / wiki, but maybe it is a mix about the two . No big deal.... just explain it :-)18:20
meanmiciocedk : what do you mean with tryton's URL ?18:23
meanmiciocedk : When I get to the first object migration that deals with the calendar view, I will install the calendar module and play a bit with it. Probably it will be tonight18:28
meanmiciocedk : Ah, a couple of questions related fields in views18:31
meanmicioDo we need to place a label tag always to show the field string ?18:33
meanmiciocedk : Wouldn't it be better to use the default string ?18:34
cedkmeanmicio: yes explicit is better than implicit :-)18:34
meanmiciocedk : ok ... ;-)18:38
meanmiciocedk : In that case, I see myself going crazy when converting all the patient signs and symptoms labeling .... :-)18:40
cedkmeanmicio: perhaps it can be done with a macro?18:40
meanmiciocedk : yes, most probably it can18:41
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