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sharooncedk: is that right ?00:00
ciupicriNew Purchase -> Purchase Line -> Product   Why can't I see the product (type) that I have defined for the inventory?00:00
cedksharoon: yes00:01
cedkciupicri: did you set the product salable00:01
ciupicricedk, I don't know, let me check00:02
ciupicrinope, thanks00:02
cedksharoon: and also define an API to feed this new widget with the field definitions00:03
ciupicrito what accounts  should I add the VAT tax? invoice account=main tax and credit note account=main tax?00:04
cedkciupicri: why not00:07
sharooncedk: thinking about this what should eb the widget type? should it be a single widget or a wrapper which uses multiple widgets ?00:07
ciupicricedk, I don't know. I have not zero, but negative knowledge about accounting.00:08
ciupicriI was also thinking that there might be some best practices for VAT00:08
cedksharoon: it will be a set of widgets inside one00:09
sharooncedk: ok00:09
cedkciupicri: this really depends on your country00:09
ciupicriindeed, but given the common name, I thought there some things are common.00:10
cedkciupicri: you can use any account but it seems logical to use one for taxes00:12
ciupicrihow modular/flexible is the security of tryton? Can I let a salesman only create new sales?00:12
ciupicribtw does anyone used tryton to do taxes as well?00:12
ciupicriI mean if I know some basic accounting rules I can use tryton to compute the various fiscal reports required by the authorities?00:14
ciupicridoes this vat related python traceback sound familiar to you ?00:17
ciupicrinever mind I don't have suds installed00:18
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ciupicrihow can I make a purchase to arrive?00:34
cedkciupicri: create an incoming shipment and fill it with the waiting lines00:36
ciupicriNew Supplier Shipment?00:37
cedkciupicri: yes00:42
ciupicriit worked, thank you?00:42
ciupicriit worked, thank you!00:42
sharooncedk: ping01:04
sharooni see that tryton executes an expensive query but i dont understand what its trying to do. the query is `SELECT count(1) FROM "ir_translation" WHERE type = E'model' AND res_id != 0 GROUP BY name, res_id, lang, type, src HAVING count(1) > 1` and its really expensive01:05
ciupicriis there a way to store the password in the client? it asks me for the password after some idle time01:06
sharoonciupicri: increase the session timeout
ciupicriwhat are the purposes of Post Move Sequence and Supplier Invoice Sequence?01:08
sharoonciupicri: sequences provide a gapless numbering system for records01:08
sharoonciupicri: and Post Move sequence is the sequence for your account moves (each entry pair(s)) in your account book01:09
sharoonciupicri: and Suplier Invoice sequence is for the supplier purchase invoice numbers01:09
ciupicriso they're like the keys from a database01:09
sharoonciupicri: unlike keys there will be no gap (and also has timestamp based seqeunces)01:10
sharoonciupicri: they also allow a prefix and suffix01:10
ciupicrisharoon, and the supplier invoice sequence is given by the supplier?01:11
ciupicrior it's something for internal use01:11
sharoonciupicri: its the internal reference for hte supplier's invoice01:11
ciupicriand the post move is for internal use as well, right?01:14
ciupicriAccounting is hard, let's go shopping! :-)01:14
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Guest9215Just checked Is it working properly ?04:51
Guest9215I think access to the HG server is not possible or it is still under construction.05:03
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ciupicrisharkcz, would it be possible to add the varnumber python library to Fedora repositories along with tryton? I tested tryton last night and vatnumber was required at some point.11:25
ciupicrisharkcz, I'm a packager, so I can review the spec if you wish to11:25
sharkczciupicri: then it's no problem, I'll submit a package ASAP11:26
ciupicrisharkcz, and python-suds should probably be added to the dependencies of either tryton or vatnumber in order to avoid this error
ciupicriit happened to my brother when he pressed "Check Vies"11:31
sharkczvatnumber imports suds IIRC, so it will be Required there11:31
ciupicrithe funny thing is that according to and it should optional11:32
ciupicrithank you11:55
sharkczand I'll also submit the 2 new modules from 2.011:55
ciupicrisharkcz, is 2.0 available for Fedora 15?11:55
sharkczno, in rawhide, but I plan to update my addon repo with 2.0 for F<=15 and EL11:56
ciupicriI see11:56
sharkczmy policy is no version upgrades in Fedora and have the latest version in my repo11:57
ciupicrisharkcz, which I assume that comes with no strings attached11:58
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ciupicrisharkcz, in case you haven't checked your email, I've approved the package12:43
sharkczciupicri: thanks, my incoming mails are somewhat delayed today, perhaps the ipv6 test day ...12:44
ciupicriyeah :-)12:44
ciupicrifunny thing is that I encountered an IPv6 related bug a couple of days ago
ciupicriit looks like someone really wants us to use IPv612:46
udonociupicri: hi, do you have vatnumber installed?13:46
udonociupicri: because suds is required by vatnumber, not trytond13:47
ciupicriudono, but on the other hand vatnumber's INSTALL file says it's optional
udonociupicri: hmm, so the check for vatnumber in party module seems not enough:
udonociupicri: It seems, that it is missing here in the VIES check:
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ciupicrisharkcz, where are you keeping the 2.0 repository for Fedora 15? Btw does not mention Fedora 15 at all.15:03
sharkczciupicri: it will be at
ciupicriso it's not ready yet15:04
sharkczyep, too much work ...15:07
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hoRnoops - wrong cahnnel - sorry - but cool16:00
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timewulfhi all16:49
timewulf@cedk Hi cedk, yangoon told me to contact you here. I've got a problem to install tryton-server on gentoo, because of openoffice-interact. I've installed libreoffice, but o.-interact depends on openoffice directly16:52
timewulf@cedk Is there any problem to change this dependency to libreoffice or openoffice? On Debian there was a similar bug, that has been fixed this way.16:53
cedktimewulf: I guess it should work16:57
timewulf@cedk that would be great, libreoffice and openoffice each blocks the other one, so in actual state I can't install the server17:01
cedktimewulf: do you really need to generate pdf instead of odt?17:04
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cedktimewulf: or you can try to add libreoffice here:
timewulf@cedk not really, but when I give "emerge trytond" this pulls openoffice-interactive and this breaks17:06
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cedktimewulf: remove the use flag pdf17:11
cedktimewulf: by the way: ping me with cedk and not @cedk otherwise I dont get notification17:11
timewulfcedk outch, I looked for the flag at openoffice-interactive instead of trytond17:13
timewulfcedk thanks for your help in the moment. Shall I put a bug-report to remember you for the next update? I think many users will step over to libreoffice and stumble upon the same problem17:16
cedktimewulf: yes or better test if it works with libreoffice17:23
hoRnnicoe: ping17:32
hoRnnicoe: you are the gui-guy?17:34
timewulfcedk: I changed the ebuilds and the manifest: emerging works now, testing the server itself will need a bit more time17:34
nicoehoRn: we all are ;)17:35
timewulfcedk: but I get another strange warning belonging to relatorio:17:36
timewulf* Messages for package dev-python/relatorio-0.5.5:17:37
timewulf * Package:    dev-python/relatorio-0.5.517:37
timewulf * Repository: tryton17:37
timewulf * Maintainer: cedk@gentoo.org17:37
timewulf * USE:        amd64 elibc_glibc kernel_linux multilib userland_GNU17:37
timewulf * FEATURES:   sandbox17:37
timewulf *17:37
timewulf * "/var/lib/layman/tryton/dev-python/relatorio/relatorio-0.5.5.ebuild":17:37
timewulf * Deprecation Warning: Usage of distutils.eclass in packages not supporting installation17:37
timewulf * for multiple Python ABIs in EAPI <=2 is deprecated and will be banned on 2011-06-01.17:37
timewulf * The ebuild needs to be fixed. Please report a bug, if it has not been already reported.17:37
timewulf *17:37
cedktimewulf: yes the ebuild needs to be updated17:38
cedktimewulf: please don't copy/paste in the chan17:38
timewulfcedk: sorry I just pasted the message, I see the problem17:38
hoRncedk, nicoe: because today i was revisiting some stuff in the client. I have some sugestions: In the tree it should be possible to copy a line. and the bugtracker-url should be a configurable for filtering bugs of our modules before the customers submitting to - without packing a new client.17:40
nicoehoRn: There is a configuration option for the bugtracker17:42
hoRnnicoe: so I missed it17:42
nicoelook after CONFIG['roundup.url'] in common.py17:42
hoRnnicoe: ok - but i need to configure this in each installed client?17:47
hoRnnicoe: que lastima ;)17:48
nicoeIf you're distributing the client to many users maybe you can package it with your custom config files17:50
hoRnnicoe: for this i have to start my win7-VM - my computer goes crazy - me too ;)  - will think about this after my holidays17:52
hoRnnicoe: and i was checking the functionality of the date field. so I was thinking about the possibilities to have some small calculator functions at the integer and float fields17:58
hoRnnicoe: because sometimes you will get incoming invoices with a brutto and its nice to type a litle calculation whats the netto of the amount18:01
nicoeThis might be a good idea18:02
cedkhoRn: you can have a look at the date widget wich allow operation on it18:03
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hoRncedk: yes - i had a look - so after my hard-earned holydays I will contibute something18:04
hoRncedk: but it will be written in eclipse ;)18:05
cedkhoRn: as soon as we don't see that it is eclipse no problem :-)18:07
nicoehoRn: If you want to suffer while writing python you can ;)18:08
cedkhoRn: and if we don't see any .proj18:09
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hoRncedk: seems impossible ;)18:11
sharooncedk: there seems to be a limitation on timestamp based sequences because the timestamp rounding is Integer
sharooncedk: which means the highest resolution would be 1 sequence per second18:12
sharooncedk: dont you think its an issue ?18:14
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cedksharoon: no because you can increase the timestamp_rounding18:15
cedksharoon: and?18:24
sharooncedk: which is the same as
cedksharoon: so if you put a lower value in rounding you get better precision18:25
sharooncedk: yes, but you cant because the lowest value possible in the field is 118:25
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sharooncedk: agree ?18:28
cedksharoon: no18:28
cedksharoon: you see in your example that you have more numbers18:29
sharooncedk: yes, that is because i have numbers < 1 which cannot be entered in an integer field18:30
sharoonACTION I hope i am not missing something basic18:31
cedksharoon: ok I did not see that rounding was a Integer18:38
sharooncedk: finally, i thought i was doing something wrong here :D So a patch to make it float and migration from 2.0 in the patch would be sufficient ?18:38
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cedksharoon: rounding must be changed into float18:38
cedksharoon: yes and I think the migration is automatic for this18:39
sharooncedk: cool since its int to float18:39
sharooncedk: will report an issue and propose the patch18:39
cedksharoon: ok18:40
sharooncedk: so what will be the new style commit message ?19:03
sharooncedk: should i push this for review ?19:03
cedksharoon: I guess it is only one line19:05
cedksharoon: so you can put the patch directly19:06
sharooncedk: thanks19:06
cedksharoon: sometimes when it is obvious it is no need to review19:09
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sharooncedk: pushed my 1 line patch19:13
sharooncedk: i will be sending a mail to the mailing list today about magento integration - just announcing the work and requesting contribution19:13
cedksharoon: ok19:15
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sharkczciupicri: and are the new 2.0 modules missing in Fedora yet, a review will be highly appreciated if you can find a while22:18
ciupicrisharkcz, ok, I'll try to have a look, but I can not make any guarantees because I'll have to struggle with some invoices stored as Excel files22:19
ciupicrithat's actually one of the big reasons I'm trying tryton22:19
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ciupicribut it's urgent to get a summary of those invoices to see what was sold with papers and what without papers, and "sell" the difference Friday on a festival22:20
sharkczciupicri: ok, no need to hurry with the reviews22:21
ciupicriI also don't have a rawhide machine, so the testing part will have to be done by someone else22:21
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meanmiciohi all. Anyone using the calendar module in tryton 2.0 ?22:38
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