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Red15does the search view type not exist in tryton ?13:08
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bechamelRed15: what do you call search view type ?13:32
Red15as in openerp, it defines the the top part of the tree view and is used for searching (also grouping but i think that is implemented in tryton)13:32
Red15instead of having to use select="1" or select="2" on the form view to define which fields can be searched on13:33
bechamelRed15: there are no grouping feature on the search view, and the select option is defined on the model not on the view13:36
Red15are you sure ? select on the model usually does index keys in the rdbms13:36
cedkbechamel: it is defined in the view13:38
bechameloh yes sorry13:38
bechamelcedk: if I put no select on the view is the one defined on the model used as default value ?13:39
cedkbechamel: I don't think13:39
cedkanyway all of that will be removed with the new search13:40
cedkRed15: we don't implement group_by functionnality because it is a buggy design13:40
cedkRed15: we have much better way to have this kind of feature with the board communication13:41
Red15i think you underestimate the power this gives to non-technical managers to do rotations on their own13:41
cedkRed15: it doesn't work, it sum apples and oranges13:43
bechamelRed15: rotations ?13:43
Red15cedk, that is for the manager to decide13:43
Red15bechamel, like excel data pilot13:43
cedklet just see the sale form, it will sum amount of different currencies13:43
cedkRed15: it is not a pivot feature13:44
cedkRed15: it is just sum with grouping13:44
Red15well that's semantics13:44
Red15so how does tryton handle this then ?13:45
Red15(also btw the grouping is not the only nice functionality, the quick-access filters are also useful)13:46
cedkRed15: handle what?13:47
Red15cedk, reporting and pivot things13:48
cedkRed15: what do you mean by reporting?13:48
Red15well in-client analysis of data13:49
cedkRed15: and what do you mean by "pivot things"?13:49
bechamelRed15: when this kind of feature is needed we add and sql view and we plug a python model on top of it13:49
bechamelbut of course it's doable by the end user13:49
Red15suppose i want to see all sale order grouped by partner country and per month ?13:50
cedkRed15: create a view for that13:50
cedkRed15: by the way, this doesn't work in OE13:50
bechamel.. and because there is an real model under the view, it's possible to define a grap or add action on the agregate records13:51
cedkalso the query for a view can be dynamic depending of the context13:51
Red15cedk, does work in OE, (maybe apples + oranges, but that is user responsibility to group by currency)13:53
Red15cedk, context field has been added to openerp search views, which allows the user to change context on the fly13:53
cedkRed15: did you read the code of the group_by ?13:54
cedkit is a functionality just for sale. Like the "set default" we removed in the last release because in real life it doesn't work13:55
cedkRed15: otherwise if you want BI, just plug a BI software on the database13:56
cedkby the way, I never believe in end-user making queries13:58
cedkfrom my experiences, they always do mistakes: SUM wrong type, forget a grouping and just slow down the database13:59
cedkRed15: about your example in OE, you can not group by currency on sale because there is no currency on sale14:04
Red15fields.related('pricelist_id','currency_id') and voila14:04
cedkRed15: I don't think group_by works on function field14:05
Red15store=True ?14:05
cedkRed15: :-))))14:05
Red15or rather the more complex one saying that if pricelist changes the stored value should be recalculated14:06
cedkRed15: I was sure you will anwser this, this is the worse feature14:06
cedkduplicate information that is really bad DB design14:07
Red15but i'm not 100% sure that group_by wouldnt work on functional fields though14:08
Red15how would you solve this then ? always creating db views ?14:08
cedkRed15: there is no DB views in Tryton14:10
cedkRed15: we use dynamic (but controlled) queries14:10
Red15cant you create views with sqlalchemy etc?14:11
cedkRed15: you can easily create a Model that will have the same functionnality of the "group_by"14:11
Red15cedk, as programmer: likely14:11
cedkRed15: we don't create view, because it can not be migrated easily14:11
Red15cedk, as end-user: not-quite14:11
Red15ACTION starting to ponder about flat db's14:11
cedkRed15: and the Model can be as generic (ex: grouping on any fields, etc.)14:11
cedkRed15: but with this kind of Model, you can already fix the currency issue etc.14:12
cedkso the user can still have the possibility to select on what he will group14:13
Red15but how will you do the actual grouping ?14:14
cedkRed15: I will do it on the fly depending of what the user has selected14:15
Red15but visually ?14:15
cedkRed15: don't understand14:15
cedkRed15: look at
cedkACTION Lunch14:18
cedkACTION back14:44
Red15cedk, am i reading this right are you doing + on select strings ?15:08
Red15sql injection anyone ?15:08
cedkRed15: of course not15:15
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