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meanmiciohi there. Is there a way of using the default (GTK) theme for some icons - like "gtk-ok" or we always have to provide the svg ?00:32
cedkmeanmicio: it is better for consistency to provide the svg00:37
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meanmiciocedk : thanks, i'm providing the SVGs, so we're ok :-)02:48
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sharooncedk: ping15:43
cedksharoon: pong15:46
sharooncedk: i really liked pysql15:47
cedksharoon: it is not yet the past :-)15:48
sharooncedk: is anything planned for documentation ? I could write sphinx style documentation for it if you you will be able to merge a diff15:48
cedksharoon: I will soon push it in a repository to start the shared development15:49
sharooncedk: sure, and then i will write the documentation for it15:50
sharooncedk: i feel we have a memory leak related to browse records, especially when the crons are run, have you seen any such behavior before ?15:53
cedksharoon: no15:53
sharooncedk: i used dowser and the graph was showing that BrowseRecord and BrowseRecordList to be the cluprits15:54
sharooncedk: it may be because of the strong reference that is held to cursor15:54
cedksharoon: it is clean once the cursor is closed15:55
sharooncedk: i am of the opinion that browse record's must not have a strong reference to the cursor, either call the cursor with Transaction().cursor or have a weak ref to cursor15:55
sharooncedk: what do you think about such an alternative ?15:55
cedksharoon: bad, BrowseRecord must always be used with the same cursor15:56
sharooncedk: so weak referencing can do that ? because it will return None once the cursor does not exist ?15:57
sharooncedk: on a separate note, our unit tests for mysql don't seem to be working15:59
cedksharoon: yes after upgrade of the server something is going wrong16:02
sharooncedk: do you want me to test BrowseRecord with weak ref to cursor and run the entire unit tests ?16:03
cedksharoon: I start to be boring on how crappy MySQL is16:03
sharooncedk: don't offend mysql ;) it runs the web including a few thousand by Facebook ;-)16:04
cedksharoon: MySQL is not as susceptible as OE :-)16:05
cedksharoon: if you want you can test but I'm not sure it is linked to that16:06
sharooncedk: "please take care about your "marketing""16:06
cedksharoon: "marketing" is for bad software :-)16:08
sharooncedk: sure, will try and I am able to reproduce the problem with a cron task we have (with quite a few records)16:08
sharooncedk: i will try it and let you know if it solves the problem16:08
sharooncedk: also regarding pysql, a suggestion i have is we should optimize using __slots__ because if we start using it for software like tryton we will end up instantiating huge number of each of those classes16:09
cedksharoon: I don't see how BrowseRecord could survive after Transaction.stop16:09
sharooncedk: the ir.cron closes the Transaction only at the end of all the croons it will run, in our case this has resulted in over 800000 Browse Records in memory16:10
sharooncedk: s/croons/crons16:10
cedksharoon: I guess it is more your cron job that need to be improved16:11
sharooncedk: it is generate_purchase_requests16:11
cedksharoon: ha ok, then it needs to be improved :-)16:11
sharooncedk: and i feel the problem is it loads all products into memory too16:12
cedksharoon: yes16:12
sharooncedk: what do you think of computing purchase requests for products in batches ?16:12
cedksharoon: about __slots__, it will come later once API is clearly defined16:12
sharooncedk: great, i think that will make it really fast :-)16:13
cedksharoon: have you the LRU patch?16:13
sharoonnope, is it applied on trunk ?16:14
cedksharoon: yes16:14
sharooncedk: does that speed this up ?16:16
cedksharoon: it prevent to fill the memory with BrowseRecord instance16:17
sharooncedk: ok, i will try with that first16:18
cedksharoon: it keeps in memory only a range of the record in the list16:18
sharooncedk: will try and let you know the result, just downloaded the patch set16:18
cedksharoon: how much products, locations and orderpoint have you?16:22
sharooncedk: locations - standard (we don't use locations feature much), order points for all products and 1M products16:23
cedksharoon: ok I really think you need LRU patch :-)16:24
sharooncedk: sure16:24
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chechehow do i force trutond to listen only on ipv4?16:58
chechehow do i force trytond to listen only on ipv4?16:58
cedkcheche: set an ipv4 as interface16:58
checheon ./etc/trytond.conf16:59
cheche# Configure the IP address for trytond16:59
cheche# If empty, the server will listen on all available interfaces16:59
cheche#interface = br016:59
checheusually is eth0 i guess17:00
cedkcheche: ok miss wording in the config file, interface accept only ip17:01
cedkcheche: or hostname but not interface name17:02
cedkACTION arg! again a OE legacy17:02
checheshit, still not working.17:04
chechecasa:/var/log# netstat -anp | grep LISTEN | grep py17:04
chechetcp        0      0*               LISTEN      18805/python17:04
checheit listen on ipv417:04
chechebut tryton cclinete still not connecting17:05
cheche2unable to connect to server"17:05
cheche"unable to connect to server"17:05
cedkcheche: check your firewall?17:05
checheI am trying to acces from same mmachine17:06
checheno firewall installed.17:06
chechetelnet working17:07
chechecasa:/var/log# telnet 807017:07
checheConnected to
checheEscape character is '^]'.17:07
cedkcheche: what do you use as hostname in the client?17:07
cheche192.168.1.2 and localhost both fail17:07
cedkcheche: is the client version the same as the server?17:07
checheyes 1.6.1 (whatever was on debian17:08
checheI only found this odd:17:09
cheche[Thu Jul 28 17:04:06 2011] INFO:server:waiting for connections...17:09
cheche[Thu Jul 28 17:04:24 2011] INFO:database:connect to "template1"17:09
checheshould it connect to template1?17:09
cedkcheche: yes to check if it is a tryton database17:09
cedkcheche: i think if you see that it means the client send the requests for the list of database17:10
checheok....i am going to check postgres users/databases...17:12
cedkcheche: one way to test if database connection works is to create a empty database and run: trytond -d <database name> -i all17:13
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chechepsycopg2.OperationalError: could not connect to server: No such file or directory17:23
checheIs the server running locally and accepting17:23
checheconnections on Unix domain socket "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432"?17:23
checheok checking postgres...17:23
cheche "local" is for Unix domain socket connections only17:24
chechelocal   all         all                               ident17:24
cedkcheche: and what is in trytond.conf?17:29
cedkcheche: do you have a postgresql user defined?17:29
checheyes, user tryton pass: tryton17:30
chechepsql -U tryton ask for password and works17:30
chechebut because i add this line right now:17:30
chechelocal   all         tryton                          password17:30
cedkcheche: so you must add it also in trytond.conf17:31
chechewhat should i add on trytond.conf?17:33
chechedb_user = tryton17:33
chechedb_password = tryton17:33
cedkcheche: yes17:33
chechedb_type = postgresql17:33
chechebut that was already17:33
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udonocheche: hi, try with db_host = localhost17:36
udonocheche: and maybe interface =
cheche:sycopg2.OperationalError: could not connect to server: Connection refused17:37
udonocheche:  INFO:database:connect to "template1" usually means that trytond can not connect to the database, because of missing permissions.17:39
udonocheche: db_host = localhost17:40
udonodb_port = 543217:40
chechedb_host was localhost17:41
chechebut the connection refuse is postgres...17:41
chechewell, I have got the feeling that i did a install with 1.4 and after upgrade. it should work.17:42
chechebut i touch so many files and i am going to purge... and try again17:43
checheaptitude purge tryton-server17:43
chechecasa:/etc# netstat -an | grep postgres17:54
checheunix  2      [ ACC ]     STREAM     LISTENING     78816    /var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.543317:54
chechewrong port number17:55
yangooncheche you have probably installed two postgres versions17:55
yangooncheche adjust the port number to point to the postgres server you want17:55
chechei think that it was postgres upgrade from 8.3 to 8.417:58
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checheshit... so sorry that i bother you witha local problem. thanks so much!18:05
udonocheche: welcome18:08
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