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hoRncedk: finally i manipulate the content.xml in the zip - so I can use the template-engine and repeat a tablehead programmaticly. have not found a solution to repeat something horizontal in relatorio ...10:03
udonohoRn: invoice repeat lines horizontal.10:05
hoRnudono: let's have a look10:05
udonohoRn: horizontal aka rows10:06
hoRnudono: bad explained - i have something like a matrix: need to repeat the tableheaders(keys)  and then repeat the values horizontal10:08
hoRnudono: was thinking about a simple csv - but they need style in the document10:08
udonohoRn: paste me some example data, maybe i have an idea10:11
cedkhoRn: see
hoRncedk: It was to late yesterday - i did'nt find this example. Starting with you in the morning soves everything! Thanks.10:13
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hoRnestoy un poco enamorado :-[10:20
hoRni have to pay a lot of beer in liege10:22
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hoRnnice, very nice. quality module done - it's a possible talk for liege... like proof of concept, because its related to a lot of other individual stuff13:34
hoRnand nearly pep813:34
nicoehoRn: great ... I can't wait for your drinks in Li├Ęge ;)13:35
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sharooncedk: a very basic question. What does ir in `ir.X` (e.g. ir.view, ir.trigger) stand for ?22:26
cedksharoon: I think it is infrastructure22:46
bechamelsharoon: fp told me that it stand for Interface Repository, and it was inspired by compiere22:47
bechamelI thing ir.model play this role22:47
bechameland compiere is inspired by sap, which also has an interface repository :)22:48
bechamelso in a way tryton is inspired by sap :D22:48
sharoonbechamel: cedk thanks22:49
hoRnAre there any benchmarks reading f.e. products via xmlrpc? I was thinking about connecting our shopsoftware directly to tryton, but 1924 Products in 28 sec seems not so speedy23:16
hoRnbut it could be a bad configured local environment23:18
bechamelhoRn: what are you doing exactly ?23:21
bechamelreading products ?23:21
hoRnbechamel: yes - via proteus-xmlrpc23:21
bechamelhoRn: proteus wasn't designed for performance23:22
bechamelmainly for (nearly) manual operations23:22
hoRnbechamel: ok23:22
bechamelfor this kind of usage the best solution is json-rpc23:23
hoRnbechamel: ok - i will try that - is there a doc anywhere?23:24
bechamelhoRn: and for reading, use search_read method instead of doing two call (search + read)23:24
hoRnbechamel: have done it like that23:24
bechamelhoRn: for the doc I don't know, but it's not really complicated23:26
hoRnbechamel: yes - i know - but love copy and pasting ;)23:26
bechamelhoRn: actually the best way to find how to do it is to check the tryton client(trunk version)23:31
hoRnbechamel: ok - thank you23:32
hoRnbechamel: its late - I will sleep in front of the other screen in my house. By23:33
bechamelhoRn: probably you can borrow most of the code of tryton/jsonrpc.py23:33
hoRnok - will take a look tomorrow23:33
bechamelhoRn: good night23:33
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