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hoRnGood Morning09:32
hoRncedk: I left the try to build a pivot table by manipulating a view with dynamic tables - seems a bit overdosed in comprarism to parsing a simple csv with Report.09:34
cedkhoRn: did you look at the analytic_* modules, there is something a little bit similar to display arbitrary Many2One account fields09:35
hoRncedk: yes - but there fields of one view are updated with the fields of an other. I had the problem to combine 3 Models to a dynamic pivot: Hours per Employee per Analytic Account - so a csv-Report is nice and handsome09:38
cedkhoRn: could you show the code?09:39
hoRncedk: i did it last night - its ugly - but ok09:40
hoRncedk: don't know what to show ;) - it's very custom, because i extended with a reference to analytic account and the timesheet.line has now a start-time and a end_time09:51
hoRnthe report is nothing more than
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hoRnicedk: it returns a simple csv. I did'nt find a way to create a view with all fields and values generated dynamically09:53
cedkhoRn: show the code that doesn't work, I guess the Model with the SQL query09:56
hoRncedk: deleted mostly and not readable. need to explore a way to generate a view for pivot data one day - it seems possible with manipulating fields_view_get. It would be nice to have a thing like pivot-renderer, that do it for you magically in tryton ...09:59
cedkhoRn: I'm not sure it is possible to do it automagically because it needs to know the type of the columns10:01
cedkhoRn: but it is doable I already did it on OE10:01
hoRncedk: i tried this yesterday - it seems possible by inserting filed-definitions in fields_get, fields_view_get and default_get - but it was to hard to debug in combination of a 100liner in table_query.10:05
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hoRncedk: finally i tried to extend this to show me the analytic_accounts as columns and the empoyess as rows10:10
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cedkhoRn: this should work10:36
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hoRncedk: waiting for a tutorial in liege ;)11:34
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meanmiciojust got an invitation from Latinoware, to present GNU Health in Brazil next month22:53
meanmiciocool :)22:53
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