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hoRnNice quick and dirty solution to contribute little apps for accessing local com-ports and  tryton-server in same time: pyramid, wx-{browserengine}, jquery, zope.pagetemplate ;)09:57
hoRnfinally i wrote the client a second time ;(10:00
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ndn_pitis there way to set several lines to one row in tree view?10:38
cedkndn_pit: don't understand10:39
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ndn_pitlike this:
ndn_pitor this:
cedkndn_pit: no10:52
cedkndn_pit: use a form10:52
ndn_pitwhy Eval('field.field') does not work in domain?10:54
cedkndn_pit: because you must use: Get(Eval('field', {}), 'field')10:54
ndn_pitsorry, but i sow: An Eval() object represents the PYSON Eval() statement for evaluations. When evaluated, it returns the value of the statement named by value, if defined in the evaluation context, otherwise the default value (empty string by default). <<<<value can use the dot notation to access objects values in the context>>>>. Returns an instance of itself.10:56
cedkndn_pit: where?10:56
cedkndn_pit: no ref to a dot notation10:57
ndn_pit"value can use the dot notation to access objects values in the context"11:00
ndn_pitcedk: found?11:01
cedkndn_pit: wrong doc11:04
ndn_pitok thanks11:05
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Panderhi all, my module is working :)16:23
bechamelPander: congratulation !16:25
Pandernext hurdle, I added dateofbirth to a class that is derived from party and that works fine. now I have added another field called dateofstart but that results in an column does not exist error :s how to go about that?16:36
bechamelPander: maybe you forgot to restart the server with -u to update the db16:37
Panderbechamel: trytond: error: -u option requires an argument16:39
Pander-u UPDATE16:39
bechamelPander: -u all16:41
bechamelor -u my_module_name16:41
Panderand -d dbname, its is working now :) other question, why do certrain fields in the client have a light blue background? is that from STATES=True and what does that mean?16:44
cedkPander: it is when required=True16:45
bechamelPander: this means they are required16:45
bechameland if you try to leave them empty and save the form they will become red16:45
bechameland the client will put the focus on the first required field that was left empty16:46
Panderthis one is not required but also results in that background color when I adde the field email = fields.Function(fields.Char('E-Mail'), 'get_mechanism')16:48
Panderor are these fields that retrieve theire content somewhere else because they seem unedittable16:49
PanderI see the background color is also lighter than the required fields16:49
bechamelPander: function field are readonly by default16:49
bechamelso they are grey16:49
bechamelor at least they should be grey16:50
Pandersorry, they are indeed light grey in stead of the blue16:53
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PanderHow to deal with warnings such as  WARNING:init:Unable to migrate column dateofbirth on table party_party from varchar to date?17:26
cedkPander: you must yourself create your own SQL query17:28
Pandercedk: a simple alter table might to the trick you say17:30
bechamelPander: if there are no relevant data, just drop the table, it's quicker17:30
cedkPander: you can not alter the column between those 2 types17:36
Pandercedk: really... :S17:47
cedkPander: what is the date for 'foo' ?17:52
Panderanyway, I could drop the column in the table instead of dropping the entire table17:53
cedkPander: if you have foo in your database how postgresql should convert it into date17:53
Panderthere is no data in that column at the moment17:54
cedkPander: so perhaps postgres will be able17:55
Panderalter table party_party drop dateofbirth; ALTER TABLE ... trytond -u ... INFO:server:Update/Init succeed! without any WARNING :)17:57
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