IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2011-09-18 #tryton log beginning Sun Sep 18 00:00:02 CEST 2011
meanmicioThe new LibreOffice upgrade seems to have broken the reports in Tryton02:13
meanmicioAnyone using Debian Wheezy or LibreOffice LibreOffice 3.4  340m1(Build:302) ?04:43
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meanmicioced: ping19:35
cedkmeanmicio: pong19:50
meanmicioHey Cedric. I'm finishing a couple of details on the lab, so chances are we will be publishing today 1.3.319:52
meanmiciocedk : We should document the installation process in the wiki19:54
cedkmeanmicio: where is it?19:56
meanmiciocedk : If you do it, I believe we have to move the OE outside the main page, so we don't avoid confusion19:59
cedkmeanmicio: it will be just an alternative to the configure script20:00
cedkmeanmicio: I will try to find time to update it20:00
meanmiciocedk: right. Thanks !20:01

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