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2011-09-21 00:12 <plantian> Hi, has there been any more ideas about kits/bundles of products?
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2011-09-21 14:24 <Pander> hi all
2011-09-21 14:24 <Pander> I have found something that crashes only the windows client in a really hard way, without reporting an error but works fine on Linux and co.
2011-09-21 14:26 <udono> Pander: hi, are you able to reproduce the problem? Then please file an issue.
2011-09-21 14:43 <Pander> Well, it is a two parter. The Windows client does not print any thing with -v or -l debug, is that an issue too?
2011-09-21 14:56 <Pander> Files under and If you guys could have a look at it as soon as is possible. Thanks.
2011-09-21 15:00 <Pander> I wanted to say: FileD under ...
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2011-09-21 22:22 <plantian> Hi, has anyone implemented product variants or more complicated extension of the existing product system in Tryton? Or would it be better to import products into Tryton from another system that manages that ?
2011-09-21 22:22 <plantian> Someone mentioned a while ago they had a big e-commerce site integrating with Tryton I can't remember if there products were configured in Tryton or another system though.
2011-09-21 22:23 <udono> plantian: hi, it was sharoon, afaik
2011-09-21 22:26 <plantian> udono: okay thanks, they seem to be out of irc right now
2011-09-21 22:27 <udono> plantian: meet us at the tuc2011 :)
2011-09-21 22:28 <udono> ACTION afk
2011-09-21 22:28 <plantian> udono: It sounds fun but I'm in California, USA.

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