IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2011-10-08 #tryton log beginning Sat Oct 8 00:00:02 CEST 2011
smarroanyone tested the dmfs CalDAV android client?20:15
smarroI have an error: "Login failed, please check username and password"20:15
smarroThe same error with trytond stable and trunk20:16
smarroat some point the self.path returns  /.well-known/caldav/ instead of /dbname/Calendars/calendar20:19
cedksmarro: what is self.path?20:25
smarrocedk: in the get_userinfo method (in, when i print the value of self.path20:27
cedksmarro: so it means that the client query /.well-known/caldav/ ?20:27
smarrocedk: the first time, the client query ok (for example "/tryton_21_demo/Calendars/turnos/20:29
smarro"), but the second time it pass for this method the client query /.well-known/caldav/20:29
cedksmarro: where are the sources of dmfs?20:30
smarrocedk: good point20:30
smarrocedk: don't know if there are available20:30
cedksmarro: it is Apache License, I think it must be20:32
smarrocedk: ok, i will look for them20:32
cedksmarro: perhaps there are not available20:34
cedksmarro: and it is perhaps not an open source software20:35
smarrocedk: i think you are right20:35
cedksmarro: it seems the Apache license is there because it include Android code20:35
smarrocedk: i saw  aCal (, that is GPLv3, i will give a try20:36
smarrocedk: great!! thanks20:37
cedksmarro: iCalParse looks better20:39
smarrocedk: the licence information is rare...20:41
cedksmarro: yes it is really a mess of the android eco-system20:47
udonosmarro: hi, here you can find some results for caldav and carddav clients: s://
udonosmarro: If you have news about working/non working clients, please don't hesitate to give us a note.21:00
smarroudono: thanks, i will test and give feedback on this topic21:11

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