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PanderHi all, how can I change the date format for the Tryton client?11:35
nicoeThe date is linked to the user preferences11:45
nicoeUpdate his language the date will follow11:45
hoRnThis morning I discussed a possible redesign  of with a designer. His first fundamental question: if black is the first color, a second must be choosen. so we build a quick and dirty playground for trying some additionals colors: if you like you can play with it ;)
PanderMy Tryton client only offers English as language to select while Administration/Localization/Languages show more languages. How can I enable more language in the Prefereces... so I can get another date format?13:44
PanderhoRn: Nice! Do you know the image in the header has a reddish hue over it? Perhaps also alter that in accordance with the second color.13:46
hoRnPander: good idea - but it needs work with transparency in the logo I guess - I took the image as is ...13:49
PanderhoRn: as for the colors, the green and blue may be a bit darker to put some more weight in the scale, the red perhaps a bit less bright. You could perhaps also put some gradients on the button in the navigation menu bar to offer some more subletties. weel my 2 cents..13:55
bechamelhoRn: There are really nice website without any second color :
hoRnPander: the gradient can be put after a second color was found13:56
bechamelIMO the main problem with the current colors is that it's too dark13:58
hoRnbechamel: this was a opinion of a designer - he said: if you have a lot of pictures, use less colors - if you you have more textual content choose a fresh second color13:59
bechamelI like the layout you proposed but I would switch the white logo on black bg to a black logo on white bg13:59
hoRnbechamel: that isn't a design ;) - where can i find a eps of the logo?14:00
bechamelhoRn: let me check14:01
hoRnbechamel: it was only a quick fork of our webpage to test some colors14:01
bechamelhoRn: there is an svg here
bechamelhoRn: I can provide other stuff later when I get back home if you want14:03
hoRnbechamel: ok - but I think it's anoug for playing around ...14:05
hoRnbechamel: so the black isn't set as default look for tryton?14:17
bechamelhoRn: IMO swithing the logo for black on white instead of white on black is a less radical change than choosing a new secondary color14:20
hoRnbechamel: ok14:22
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hoRncedk: ping17:37
cedkhoRn: pong17:40
hoRncedk: I'm trying to get a sphinx-output using the from repo, no luck17:42
hoRncedk: seems that the script is made for a other structure in the repo?17:43
bechamelhoRn: was the error msg ?17:44
hoRnbechamel: No such file or directory: XXXX/branches/1.017:45
bechamelhoRn: sorry I have to go17:46
cedkhoRn: you are using ?17:49
hoRncedk: yes17:49
cedkhoRn: normally it must download every series17:49
cedkhoRn: but I did not run it since 6 months17:50
hoRncedk: ;)17:50
hoRncedk: ok - i will download a example for the mock-up, no worries17:51
cedkhoRn: I think it is better to start from scratch the sphinx template and not try to reuse the doc one17:55
bechamelyangoon: about I checked on my other laptop and I haven't found anything. I think we have no "source" for it20:23
cedkbechamel: the source is the png20:24
bechamelcedk: it's a collage of two image, but I don't know if it was made with inkscape or gimp20:25
bechamelcedk: but I don't remember working on it, so probably you created it with gimp20:26
cedkbechamel: it will be insane to do it in inkscape20:26
bechamelcedk: inkscape > gimp20:27
cedkbechamel: different usage20:27
udonobechamel: hi, I guess yangoon misses the source file for the image of Neptunes planet Triton20:52
cedkudono: come on, this is not source file20:56
cedkudono: do we need to provide the source files of OpenERP because the code comes from there?20:57
udonocedk: As I told, I just guessed. But I was not precise, I guess yangoon misses _a link to_ the source file for the image of Neptunes planet Triton. Sorry about this.21:03
udonocedk: bechamel: But Iam not sure about this.21:04
cedkudono bechamel: I don't remember the license of the picture but I think it was domain public21:05
bechameludono: as you said on the bugtracker, the image comes from the nasa21:37
cedkbechamel: do you remember the license21:37
bechamelcedk: not really, I check21:38
bechamelcedk: this says that images are not copyrighted21:40
bechameludono: ^21:41
bechamelbut there is also this sentence: "NASA should be acknowledged as the source of the material except in cases of advertising"21:41
bechamelso maybe whe should add something on the website footer and somewhere in the client repo21:42
cedkbechamel: in
cedkbechamel: it is said that most of images are in public domain21:44
cedkbechamel: I think the "not copyrighted" is enough21:45
bechamelcedk: the idea is also not to have this conversation every 3 years :)21:48
cedkbechamel: this will not prevent it21:50
udonobechamel: good idea :-)21:53
udonobechamel: cedk: It won't hurt us when we name the source of the photo.22:07
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bechameludono: I propose to do it on the website footer22:08
udonobechamel: was it ?22:10
bechameludono: yes22:14
cedkbechamel: why on the website?22:22
bechamelcedk: because the moon also appear on the website22:24
cedkbechamel: so there is two possibilies, it is required to do it so we must do it everywhere or it is not required and let as it is22:24
yangoonbechamel: cedk udono thanks for looking into it23:08
yangoonmy point with is, that software (or whatever) under GPL-3 has to be delivered with its sources in the most appropraite way, so that the downloader can work the same with it as the creator23:10
yangoonthat is what is meant by 'preferred form of the work for making modifications to it' AFAIs23:11
bechamelyangoon: in this case, the source is the two separate images23:12
yangoonso I didn#t care primarily about the license of the NASA picture (which is another issue), but soleley at the picture in tryton23:12
yangoonbechamel: usually if you provide png, which is created by gimp, you will provide the *.xcf23:13
yangoonbecause xcf is the standard working format in gimp23:13
bechamelyangoon: yes I see, but there is no xcf for it. iirc it was made in 2 min: open gimp, import files, save as, close gimp.23:17
yangoonbechamel: hopefully dba can give me some input, he is much more experienced in such questions23:24
cedkyangoon: png is a source file23:55
cedkyangoon: otherwise if you follow your reasoning, we should also provide the source of voyager that took the picture of the moon23:58

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