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zodmandudes from proteus, i can create a database ?04:56
cedkIs anyone got the feeling that the trunk client is a little bit slower than the 2.0 ?11:20
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cedkanyone to test the new exe
zodmancedk: me testing on win xp box17:14
zodmancedk: the works with 2.0.2 ??17:17
cedkzodman: yes17:18
zodmanthe app works17:19
zodmanonly have a small problem with black tabs17:19
zodmanrepling on issue17:21
cedkzodman: known issue, tab must be set on top17:22
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zodmanboth  exe's works ced on winxp17:25
cedkzodman: ok thx17:27
zodmanthe fuzzy phrases i update the issues17:56
cedkzodman: don't understand18:01
zodmansorry cedk my english is too poor :S the issue for es_ES translate (carrier, the shipment ) i remove the fuzzy words. and update issue.18:02
cedkzodman: ok18:06
cedkzodman: but I can not check more than just that :-)18:06
cedkzodman: I don't speak spanish18:06
zodmanok, np i will send the codereview to tryton-es for getting review18:07
zodmannp= no problem.18:07
zodmancedk: the es_ES translate by modules carry and the other shipment. I do not have push perms. can you do? when someone es_ES review the patch ??18:42
zodmanor let me try to find a es_ES leader translator.18:46
cedkzodman: ok otherwise submit a patch like describe in the howto19:02
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