IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2011-10-17 #tryton log beginning Mon Oct 17 00:00:02 CEST 2011
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cedkzodman: ping09:31
hoRngood morning10:51
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zodmancedk: pong15:56
zodmancedk: today its the release of carrier and sale_shipment_cost ?16:06
zodmancedk issue:2207 and  220616:23
cedkzodman: ping16:42
cedkzodman: yes so I would like to have your patches16:43
zodmanpong dude16:43
zodmancedk issue:2207 and  2206 its on bugs.tryton.org16:43
zodmani do the hg export some min ago.16:43
cedkzodman: ok I will apply16:44
cedkzodman: issue2207 is empty16:44
zodmanthe es_ES leader not review it.  :(16:44
cedkzodman: don't forget to put a note when adding a file otherwise there is no notification16:45
cedkzodman: I think we can forget about the current leader16:45
cedkzodman: and we need to find a new one16:45
zodmanrefresh cedk the issue16:45
cedkzodman: I see that you used zodman as name for the commit16:46
cedkzodman: we got a rule that says people should use their name16:46
zodmanok let me update the patch .16:47
zodmanboth patches(carrier, sale_shipment_cost) are replaced.16:49
cedkzodman: ok16:51
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cedkzodman: you can not edit the patch file18:24
cedkzodman: otherwise the md5 is wrong18:24
cedkzodman: so I will apply it but it will be in conflict with your local repo18:24
zodmannp! cedk18:29
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pepeuhi, guys. I try install module company, but give me this error
cedkpepeu: I think you have modified the installed modules23:54
cedkpepeu: it is clear that account module must be installed and it is not23:54

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