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andreasgrabHi, i use a fields.Function(fields.Many2One(..)) where i raise an error. In client it shows 10 times. Any hints why?14:12
cedkandreasgrab: because you should not raise error in Function field14:14
andreasgrabcedk: Thanks!14:15
cedkandreasgrab: you must be always able to read any records14:16
zxq9Is it always necessary to use a junction table to implement a many2many relationship?14:26
cedkzxq9: yes14:28
zxq9OK, this makes better sense now. Thanks.14:29
cedkandreasgrab: by the way, I got a patch that try to avoid infite loop like in your case
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cjbarnes18cedk: hi o/, I am a little unsure if I have missed any tasks for issue2234.23:02

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