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hoRnsearch_quantity - got it00:21
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sisalpjust checked service sale workflow. Tryton works well.12:28
cedksisalp: I saw your post on OE forum12:58
cedksisalp: I was wondering how to manage it in Tryton12:59
cedksisalp: I think I will adapt/check sale_supply module to also work on services12:59
cedksisalp: indeed it works correctly :-)13:05
cedksisalp: but perhaps the name: 'on_stock' is not really good when it is a service13:05
cedkACTION request for suggestion about "On Stock" supply method for services13:06
sisalpcedk: there are two problems with OE15:20
sisalpcedk: a user creates endless orders because a product uses some option it shouldn't, even if it makes sens: a real trap15:22
sisalpsecond : to manage services you must add modules which contradict others15:23
sisalpcedk: on_stock makes sens for stockable products15:25
sisalpcedk: it should not be possible to select this value for products which cannot be stocked15:26
cedksisalp: but you can see the manpower of the company as a stock15:27
sisalpcedk: manpower is a capacity but not a stock, only computer scientists can think it is the same ;-)15:28
sisalpcedk: similat mechanisms can apply to both, but it is not the same15:28
cedksisalp: that's why I'm asking for a better term15:29
cedka merge of "On Stock" and "On Task"15:30
sisalpwhat is not on stock ? on order ?15:30
cedksisalp: On Purchase15:31
sisalpnot for sales also ?15:31
cedksisalp: a sale does't supply15:32
sisalpis it possible that : if product is stockable choice=Purchase|Stock, else choice=Purchase|task ?15:33
cedksisalp: we can not do it with selection field15:34
sisalptoo bad15:35
sisalpwould "From Scheduler" be correct ?15:35
sisalpdoes "On" means "originated by" ?15:37
TelesightAlthough a service can not be put on the shelf, you can make preparations for the service to be sold (i.e: creating documents) at that moment these service parts are on stock.15:44
cedksisalp: "On" comes from "Supply On ..."15:44
cedkTelesight: come on, you don't take care of the stock for paper15:45
Telesightcedk: I mean digital documents ;-)15:46
TelesightThe problem is that a service may exists out of different parts (intake, design etc) and hours made at a clients place. The first you can create earlier/before the real sale is made. You made hours for these parts (so they have a value) and you create something for it (where to stock?)15:56
cedkTelesight: you don't sale hours based on timesheet with sale orders16:03
sisalpcedk: does "Supply On ..." mean "Supply originated by..." ? or "Supply which will be directed to..." ?16:15
cedksisalp: I don't understand16:16
sisalpOn is one of these word like "sur" in French which means many different things : on a wall, on demand, on behalf, on/off..., so whic one here ?16:18
cedksisalp: it says, the sale line product will be supply/16:18
cedksisalp: it says, the sale line product will be supply on purchase16:18
cedkor on stock16:19
cedksisalp: in french: "Approvisioner par le stock" ou "Approvisioner par achat"16:20
sisalpthe sale line will supplied by a purchase16:21
sisalpso it's clearer for me : get_from_stock, buy_it16:23
cedksisalp: not for me, because buy_it is valid for both16:24
sisalpif it is in stock it cannot be bought again, I think16:24
sisalpI'm not proposing a solution, I just think I now understand what it meant16:25
cedksisalp: but perhaps it is not in stock, so it will be buy16:26
sisalpyou mean that if there is not enough in stock, it will be bought16:26
cedksisalp: yes16:26
sisalpbut will if go through stock before being assigned to this order ?16:27
cedksisalp: yes in any cases (except drop shipping)16:31
sisalpthe purchase order will be generated from the stock rules (min/max/qty) isn't ? independently from the order ?16:32
cedksisalp: yes16:32
sisalpwill the purchase order be separate in case of On_purchase, or will it be grouped with other needs (other orders or stock rules) ?16:34
cedksisalp: On purchase will generate a purchase request, so the convertion into purchase could be grouped or not16:35
sisalpsounds correct16:36
sisalpthe fact that it will be bought in case stock is low can be understood by anybody I think16:38
sisalpthe salesman thinks : I consider the stock is illimited, it is not my job to provision it. Does it make sens ?16:39
cedksisalp: yes in some way16:42
fremo_Yo ! is there some people going to Li├Ęge through/from Paris on the 10 or 11 ?18:33
fremo_(with a not full yet car)18:33
cedkfremo_: I think you will have better result if you ask on the mailing list18:34
fremo_cedk: you right, I will ;)18:35
vahid_hi all20:20
vahid_i install tryton in pip with pip install tryton trytond ... command20:21
vahid_and run tryton in command line, how connect to local databse ?20:22
cedkvahid_: you must configure it20:22
cedkvahid_: follow
vahid_in localhost port 8000 not open20:25
vahid_how open it?20:25
vahid_run trytond20:25
vahid_cedk: this page error 403 :(20:27
cedkvahid_: you must connect with the client20:27
vahid_cedk: i try connect to server with client and not respond server20:28
cedkvahid_: did you create a database?20:29
vahid_ cedk yes create it20:30
cedkvahid_: how?20:30
vahid_cedk: in install tryton in debian repo and create db with instruction and towday remove it and try install tryton with pip20:32
cedkvahid_: is the user running trytond able to connect to the database?20:34
vahid_cedk: in dont know20:34
vahid_cedk: when run trytond : ImportError: No module named psycopg2.pool20:35
cedkvahid_: so it misses psycopg2 module20:36
vahid_cedk: how install it?20:37
vahid_cedk: install psycopg2 :)20:38
vahid_cedk: tanks20:38
vahid_vahid_: this step freez trytond : server:waiting for connections...20:40
cedkvahid_: it is normal, now the server is waiting for connection20:43
vahid_cedk: database: couldnot conncet to the server20:46
plantianvahid_: Did you leave server running in one console and start another console for the client?20:49
vahid_plantian: yes20:50
plantianvahid_: I guess maybe the database does not exist yet, did you follow the directions on creating the database through client ?20:54
vahid_plantian: i create it now20:55
vahid_plantian: what tryton server password?20:55
vahid_plantian: Can't create the database, caused by an unknown reason.20:56
plantianvahid_: Maybe admin by default.20:57
plantianvahid_: Is there any message outputted by the server?20:57
vahid_plantian: when create new databse this mmessage genrated20:59
vahid_plantian: Error message:21:00
vahid_could not connect to server: No such file or directory21:00
vahid_how create db21:04
cedkvahid_: it seems that the user can not connect to the database21:07
cedkvahid_: or the database connection is not correctly configured21:07
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vahid_cedk: the port 8000 open in localhost and db passwd is admin21:10
vahid_cedk: when create db trytond say :  ERROR:database:CREATE DB: test failed21:11
vahid_ERROR:database:Exception in call:21:11
cedkvahid_: yes it is a database connection issue21:13
TelesightTo install the Tryton client on Ubuntu 11.10  I have to go to the directory  "client " in the terminal and type:   sudo python install , isn it?21:20
cedkTelesight: yes, it is a way21:21
cedkTelesight: but isn't Ubuntu has a package21:21
Telesightcedk: ok yes stupid  ...21:22
cedkTelesight: mixin setup install and packages in such distribution are often trouble21:23
Telesightcedk: I was so focused on the terminal that I forgot the rest of the world   ;-)21:24
Telesightcedk: The package manager shows me only version tryton-client 2.0.1 and I need version 2.2 for the client.21:27
cedkTelesight: Debian guys did not yet update the packages21:29
Telesightcedk: Lazy guys ... just when you need something ...21:31
cedkTelesight: they are there21:33
cedkyangoon, dba: ping21:33
Telesightcedk: Back to the terminal. When I type this I get the error: /client$ python install21:37
TelesightTraceback (most recent call last):21:37
Telesight  File "", line 5, in <module>21:37
Telesight    from setuptools import setup, find_packages21:37
TelesightImportError: No module named setuptools21:37
cedkTelesight: you must install the setuptools module21:39
Telesightcedk: I tried to install setuptools but I only found python3-setuptools and this does not work.21:39
dbai guess yangoon or me will update to 2.2 soon (next week).21:39
cedkdba: ok21:39
cedkdba: any news about ?21:39
dbaTelesight: 'lazy guys' is totally uncalled for and absolutely out of line.21:40
dbacedk: the 'linux-container' sub-package of lxc, which is the last bit i need for setting up stuff, just passed new this morning.21:40
dbacedk: i can now start on monday doing the actual move (from the old server to the new, which will host d.t.o)21:41
cedkdba: it is funny, for the first time OpenBSD is faster on packaging than Debian :-)
dbawell, the required repackaging we have to do for debian doesn't help in that regard.21:42
cedkdba: repackaging?21:42
dbawhich reminds me that i should follow up on the list at some point with the outstanding license/source issues once i've21:42
dbalooked at the current 2.2 stuff.21:43
Telesightdba: That was of course a joke, I am working on a How to and than one want to speed up to finish it. No offence ... ;-)21:43
cedkTelesight: i think instead of setuptools, you can install distribute21:45
Telesightcedk: Well at least, this does not work: sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools21:50
cedkTelesight: no you need python221:50
Telesightcedk: Yes this helps, thanks: sudo apt-get install python-setuptools21:57
Telesightdba: Version 2.2 of the client for Ubuntu will be available next week? Great thanks, I will take this in account.22:07
pickle_Hi all... does anyone here know the status of the 2.2 demo server?23:24
cedkpickle_: it must be up23:26
cedkpickle_: it works I just connect to it23:27
pickle_cedk: Looks up and working, but it looks like it's missing module to me - I am a n00b though to Tryton (I've been living in the Dynamics AX world for the last 6 years)...23:27
cedkpickle_: you can install any modules you want on it23:28
pickle_cedk: Oh really? Err, woops :) Sorry, maybe I should keep digging :)23:28
cedkpickle_: we started to use a script to generate demo data, but it is not yet fully complet23:28
cedkpickle_: so there is only few modules installed23:28
pickle_cedk: Ahh okay, would the 2.0 demo be more complete?23:29
cedkpickle_: more modules installed by default23:29
pickle_cedk: Ok perfect, I'll take a look - just hoping to get a feel for the system and its capabilities before trying to install anything - I'm shopping for a client :)23:31
pickle_cedk: Thanks for your help :)23:31

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