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zxq9In the docs it looks like <field name="spam" domain="[('foo', '=', 'bar')]"/> is the syntax for including a domain in a relation field in XML.07:35
zxq9But I think this is wrong; I get errors. What am I doing wrong?07:35
zxq9Ah, NM. Putting inside the python code is better.07:51
udonozxq9: hi, setting the context for a field is done only in python code.08:59
cedkgrasbauer: what is the difference between identifier and code in the module product_variant?10:30
grasbauercedk: We have a case where the product code for XL-red-cotton is something like 3488XX12 - so I thought that identifier is like a human readable field of the combination10:33
cedkgrasbauer: will it not be better to just link the product to the attribute values ?10:34
grasbauercedk: ok - and a function field to show this linked attributes in one field?10:37
cedkgrasbauer: it could but perhaps it is custom10:45
grasbauercedk: I think, that it would be more userfriendly to know for which attributes te variant stands for10:47
grasbauercedk: but you are right - this should be linked10:47
cedkgrasbauer: but attributes you already know via the template10:49
grasbauercedk: yes - but the variant don't know, for which combination of the possible attributes it stands - this you can read from the code possibly -but it could be hard to understand10:51
cedkgrasbauer: but when you know the values, you also know the attributes10:53
grasbauercedk: yes - I misunderstood your question10:53
cedkgrasbauer: I did a first review, don't be affraid of the number of comments :-)10:54
grasbauercedk: I was talking about attributes but meant the values - will link the values to the product ...10:55
ivanbcan't install tryton...i just get Fetching databases list when trying to connect11:01
cedkivanb: did you try to create a database from menu client File>Database>New Database ?11:05
ivanbwhen i enter ip and port11:06
ivanbit just displays fetching database list for ever11:07
grasbauercedk: not afraid of the comments - espected more ...11:07
cedkgrasbauer: indeed, the issue you could face is that as you already have it in production, you will have more work to do with refactoring11:09
ivanbi dont know how to proced11:09
cedkgrasbauer: that's why we encourage people to talk and review at the beginning11:09
ivanblooks like client connects to server, server tries to connect to postgres, but connection somehow doesnt return11:10
cedkivanb: it is perhaps an ipv6 vs ipv4 issue?11:10
cedkivanb: is the user running trytond has connection right to postgresql?11:10
ivanbuser running tryton is root...i specified connection parametes in tryton.conf11:11
bechamelivanb: test your db connection with "createdb test" in a shell (with the user running trytond)11:12
ivanbi get permission denied to create database11:16
cedkivanb: you must create the equivalent user to PostgreSQL using: createuser11:17
ivanbnow i can createdb, with root and tryton users11:24
ivanbhowever, no luck with fetching....11:24
bechamelivanb: now create a db from the tryton client11:24
ivanbi first tried to change server addres from to
ivanbhowever,now client is frozen with wait cursor11:27
cedkivanb: which version are you using?11:28
cedkivanb: because you talk about demo2.0 but you use the port of 2.2?11:29
ivanbno, i have ubuntu 11.1011:29
ivanbi apt-get tryton and it got me 2.011:29
ivanbthen i downloaded client 2.0.11:29
cedkivanb: so the default port is 8070 not 800011:31
ivanboh my god, it works now11:35
ivanbi made a mistake because i imagined i must first choose profile and whole port stuff11:36
ivanbi have commeted out postgress connection settings...are they not important?11:42
ivanbalso is there a configuration script, that would config tryton and postgres11:43
cedkivanb: it is up to your own personal taste11:44
sisalpHi, yesterday, I experimented some problems with ssl connections11:48
sisalpI rm -r .config/tryton/2.2 and it is fixed. rm known_hosts was not enough11:49
sisalpis there a more clever way to do it ?11:50
bechamelsisalp: did you tried to install the ssl lib ?11:51
cedksisalp: ha ok, once you connect to a server, tryton client remember the configuration11:55
cedksisalp: it is like the know_hosts of openssh11:56
sisalpcedk: so removing known_hosts should be enough to change the server from ssl-yes to ssl-no and vice-versa ?11:59
sisalpI'll check it11:59
cedksisalp: yes12:02
ivanbbye and thanks for help!12:03
abeamudHi all... It's possible to put the client address in all invoice pages in a report?12:59
grasbauerabeamud: yes - in header or footer of the document13:00
abeamudgrasbauer: from header I can access objects model?13:01
grasbauerabeamud: one moment13:03
grasbauerabeamud: - a example with something in the footer13:05
cedkabeamud: be careful that by default header are replaced by the company one13:07
abeamudcedk: I need to adjust in some way the header to not overlap?13:09
abeamudcedk: Or If I not use the <style> header I can put in the main odt using the header and footer?13:10
abeamudgrasbauer: You are not using the <field name="style">header.odt</filed>, no?13:11
grasbauerabeamud: not in this case - but if you don't use it, you have to change each report, if somthing changes in the company :-/13:12
abeamudgrasbauer: Ah, ok...13:13
abeamudgrasbauer: a lot of thanks13:13
cedkgrasbauer: I will propose to remove the company header stuffs13:15
cedkgrasbauer: I think it is unmanageable13:15
abeamudcedk: and then define in all reports a style with the header?13:16
cedkabeamud: yep13:20
abeamudcedk: +113:24
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grasbauercedk: you think, that in the variant stuff a kind of 'human readable'-field in the listview isn't neccessary? Just to know, which attribute.values are choosen?13:51
cedkgrasbauer: I think that by default the code should be enough13:57
grasbauercedk: ok - so I will extend the module for me only ;)13:58
cedkgrasbauer: I'm not the only one to decide if enough people agree that it must be in default...14:14
grasbauercedk: I think it should not be a default - each function field slows down the view ...14:16
cedkgrasbauer: normally not that much, but I really don't like function field that just concatanate one2many14:24
sisalphi, looking for "duplicate", "import", "export", "delete" in menus and cannot find them. What do I miss ?16:22
nicoeYou missed the new menu16:25
nicoeon a brand new client I presume16:25
nicoeThe new menu is obtained by clicking on the some tool icon16:25
nicoeright next to the title16:25
phellerProduction module contributions now total €1000.  :-)16:30
sisalpnicoe : I'm looking in application menus on top of the window16:34
nicoesisalp: it is inside the tab16:34
nicoebecause those actions are linked to the content of the tab16:35
sisalpdamned ! it is ok, just the user is bugging on update ;-) I think it is the right place16:37
nicoepheller: \o/16:37
phellerwish I could have come to the TUL, but too much to do with school and my normal job.  Hopefully I can come to the next one.16:39
nicoewe might organize it somewhere else next year. still in europe (that's where the majority of the community is) but somewhere else16:40
nicoeThat's something to be discussed16:41
phellernicoe: I understand.  My vote is for either Munich or somewhere nice in Italy….  then my girlfriend will approve ;-)16:41
nicoeI vote go for a place where I have never been ;)16:42
nicoeso south italy is good for me (and in November it's probably one of the only place where it's still warm)16:43
nicoeor north of Finland would be cool too ... :)16:43
phellerhah --  why not try and schedule the next unconference to be a little closer to summer.  maybe late august / early september.  Then, more locations are acceptable.16:44
nicoewe want to make the unconference some time after the release16:47
nicoeso we are in may/june or november/december16:47
phellerah ha, good point.16:48
phellerI like may/june ;-)16:48
nicoeme too16:49
nicoebut six month is kind of short16:50
phelleryeah, true.16:50
nicoemaybe for the third time ...16:50
sisalpUndefinedError: {} has no member named "full_name" when trying to print a sale on a freshly configured database16:50
sisalpFile "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/genshi/template/", line 403, in undefined is the line16:52
sisalpI suspect my system to be faulty since it is my first time on 2.216:53
nicoesisalp: you're trying to get a report16:53
nicoeis it a custom report ?16:53
sisalpno it is the sale order16:55
nicoewith a standard installation I suppose16:55
sisalpthe client claims ascii codec cannot ....0x8e at position 9816:56
sisalpas standard as I could : installing dependencies and running from sources16:57
nicoeThis is not the real error. I think the unicode error is there because trytond send the error message in french16:57
nicoeI'll try to reproduce it16:58
sisalpI check dependencies16:58
sisalpdependencies "seem" ok17:01
sisalpthe customer has no addresses set, may it is related17:02
nicoegenshi tries to get the full_name information but can not find it (according to the error message)17:03
sisalpyes but I don't know what is the full_name17:03
sisalpI'm on  with password admin17:11
nicoeI can not reproduce it17:13
sisalpcreated a customer, a supplier, two products, one payment term and set a fiscal year on minimal chart.17:14
nicoeYep that's what I did17:21
nicoe(without the supplier and products)17:21
sisalpinvoice is working correctly17:58
sisalpgeneral comment : on a sale order : invoice and shipment : "Manual" is misleading. We should consider "No invoice" and "No shipment"  instead18:00
cedksisalp: good point18:01
cedksisalp: create an issue18:01
cedksisalp: even we should talk if such option is needed18:01
sisalpcedk: in my previously explained vision, no, it is not useful, but today I thing we need it.18:04
cedksisalp: do you have a business case in mind?18:05
sisalpI had a discussion with NAN at TUL. he explained me he added 'to be invoiced' shipments in financial menu, so accountant can feed himself his frat invoice list18:08
cedksisalp: ok but is not it because of the poor API of OpenERP?18:09
cedkACTION NAN should be on irc18:09
sisalpI thought it was tryton18:12
cedksisalp: don't know, but I think they have not yet Tryton customer18:12
sisalpthe point is that if at sale level you decide "invoice on shipment", then the ship-man ships and this creates an draft invoice18:13
cedksisalp: yes as expected :-)18:14
sisalpit may be oe return on experience yes.18:15
sisalpyes as expected. This was what we had problem with.18:16
sisalpbut we shouldn't reopen the point now18:18
cedksisalp: no but we need to decide if there is valid cases where you want "No invoice/shipment"18:20
sisalpmy free hosting is of that kind: it a unit of service (open an account), no invoice, but I need an order for a contractual relationship18:22
cedksisalp: for me, it is not a sale but a subscription18:26
zodmansome one record  the POS POC ? almost on phone ?18:29
zodmanon TUL ?18:29
cedkzodman: I don't think it was the second day18:30
Timitoszodman: there was not more than you already could see on the POS videos. you know them?18:32
sisalpcedk: I can use sales for this, because I don't have periodic renewal. It is a kind of one shot service, and I don't have a better module today.18:32
zodmanyes Timitos but i want to see on TUL will be more updated. the existed on youtube i show you a friend and not understand.18:33
cedksisalp: and what about price = 0 ?18:33
cedkACTION bbl18:34
Timitoszodman: there was no more progress on POS for the moment. there is still much work to do i think.18:35
jmsbrryTelesight: Well its a long way back but everything went fine and I think I am over the jet lag22:52

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