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sisalphello, this wget answers 40409:38
sisalpare there redirections downthere ?09:39
cedksisalp: it works for me09:41
cedksisalp: but it is managed with a redirection09:42
cedksisalp: I see you are using wget, so normally it should support it09:43
corrosisalp: via wget I get a 404 too, via browser it works properly09:43
cedkwith the OpenBSD ftp it works09:44
cedksisalp: ok I know what happens, redirect is disable for Wget09:48
cedksisalp: because we use it for backup09:49
sisalpI can live without it ;-)09:49
cedksisalp: fixed09:51
sisalpthank you10:00
nicoeon the 28th genshi should be release with py3 support ... I'll port relatorio to py3k and then I think we won't have very much problem to port tryton to py3k10:40
zxq9Most of the Relatorio iterations I see are like <for each="thing in objects">. Can I reference a specific record like an array element, something like <with thing="object[i]"> or something similar?11:28
zxq9My problem is input for government forms where there are set numbers of spaces per page and a simple <for each="thing in objects"> doesn't quite work there.11:29
nicoezxq9: I don't understand your issue11:34
nicoeBut you can access object[i] to display its content if that's what you want11:35
grasbauerSphinx: I have to do other stuff right now - but if you want have a first look
grasbauerthsi is something that can be discussed ... and need to be improved. I have added a Directive for iframes and we need one to include vimeo videos as well - but it is easy ...11:52
bechamelgrasbauer: where did you need iframes ?11:52
bechamelfor the news it seems11:53
zxq9nicoe: Oh? I must have just done something silly when I tried that. I'll play with it to make it work. Thanks.11:53
bechamelgrasbauer: by the way there is sphinx plugin that allows to generates feed, I think we will use it instead of blogger11:54
zxq9nicoe: Is there a max(objects) or similar thing to discover how big the array is or set a limit (like "while (limit <= max(objects)) { stuff; }" ?)11:55
nicoezxq9: like len(...) ?11:55
zxq9nicoe: Yes, something like that.11:55
grasbauerbechamel: at the startpage I included the last topics of the mailinglists - only to show the accivity of the community11:56
nicoewell it's len then :D11:56
nicoe"for i in range(len(...))"11:56
zxq9nicoe: Ah. Hehehe. Thanks again. I think I can create my loop deloops now.11:56
nicoetake a look at the genshi documentation, they might help you I think11:57
zxq9I've been reading it, just couldn't find anything on detailed conditionals for loops like this case or direct element access.11:57
zxq9The templates page is really helpful though.11:58
bechamelgrasbauer: ok, good idea11:58
nicoegrasbauer: I kind of like your template ...11:58
nicoezxq9: templates ?11:58
bechamelgrasbauer: I have found this, which list the "feed" extension11:58
grasbauerbechamel: the feed extension generates a feed - for reading I think the oldschool iframe is necessary (ore better with ajax and DOM?)12:02
bechamelgrasbauer: I was talking about managing the news in sphinx. for the groups, we should look if there is an api to do it easily12:03
grasbauerbechamel: the API is a atom feed ;)12:04
bechamelgrasbauer: nothing else ?12:05
grasbauernicoe: the template is mostly from Leonardo G. D.12:05
bechamelgrasbauer: anyway, it's not difficult to parse with javascript12:06
grasbauerbechamel: and better than iframe ...12:06
bechamelgrasbauer: maybe we will have a problem because of the "same origin policy"12:08
udonograsbauer: looks very good!12:09
grasbauerbechamel: found a lot of jquery plugins for parsing feeds - seems simple to find a good one12:09
grasbauerbechamel: so I can write a new directive for parsing feeds12:10
grasbauerudono: the fame gos to Leonardo G. D.12:10
udonoACTION did not know that Leonardo da Vinci had a second name ;-)12:12
grasbauerbechamel: google again ;( - but it looks easy12:13
grasbauerb.t.w.: some days ago I needed a fast solution to provide a mailinglist. after be bugged by the millions of settings in mailman i tried - its really easy to install - works like a charm and has a simple API12:17
grasbauergentoo is managing all the list with mlmmj12:17
ivanbdoes anybody knows where templates for invoices are?12:24
ivanbok, let me see12:25
ivanbcan i have different invoice templates for differet customers?12:30
grasbauerivanb: depends of what you wanna change - i have done a monster template which have a lots of <if test=''> to create different ouput depending of ...12:36
ivanbi want for customers from our country have one template,and from other countries another12:38
grasbauerivanb: so you can check the country of the customer and insert tests in the template12:40
ivanbbut i cant have invoice_en.odt and invoice_sl.odt....can i "include" in master odt?12:51
zxq9grasbauer: Let's say there are 20 countries to handle, is there a place to make the test before the document template is selected to avoid having monolithic template that is really huge?12:51
cedkivanb: but why do you want such behavior?12:52
ivanbbecause when i send invoice to customer in our country, i would like slovenian texts (Tax becomes DDV,invoice become racun,etc)12:53
zxq9cedk: I don't know about ivanb, but for me this is particularly annoying in my case with 5 countries, each which use a diffrent alphabet which makes the templates really, really long.12:53
ivanbbut when i send invoice to italian,croatian or hungarian, i would use engish texts12:53
cedkivanb: this is just translation so it works out-of-the-box12:54
ivanbfor example, Supplier Invoice N°: seems fixed in template12:55
zxq9cedk: Move the label strings out of the template and into the database as translatable fields?12:55
cedkzxq9: not it is done by the translation process12:56
ivanband what is syntax for translatable fields in template12:56
cedkivanb: they are all12:56
grasbauerivanb: every text is by default translatable12:56
zxq9cedk: What translation process? Plain text in a template is just plain text in a template. There is no magical way to make "invoice" say "請求書" in the API.12:57
ivanbi tempalate i see12:57
ivanbi guess invoice is object and invoice_date is a property12:57
zxq9Unless I make a test, then select which string to print in the report.12:57
zxq9cedk: That doesn't change plain strings in an .odt report template.12:58
ivanbcan you explain how to make "Supplier Invoice N°" translatable?12:59
grasbauercedk: seems that the beautiful feature of translated reports isn't well known ;)13:01
ivanbdoes somebody know,can you explain how to make "Supplier Invoice N°" translatable?13:07
zxq9grasbauer: Haha. This is the first time I don't get a crash when I "Set Report Translations".13:07
zxq9grasbauer: So I didn't know how this worked until now.13:07
zxq9ivanb: Go to Administration > Localization > Translations and use "Set Report Translations"13:08
ivanbok, will try that! thanks a lot13:08
zxq9ivanb: Then check Localization > Translations.13:08
zxq9ivanb: And filter for "Type: ODT" or whatever doc type you're using.13:09
grasbauerivanb: >> set report translations - but I think this already translated. Do you have set the language of the customer to the one you expect?13:09
ivanbnot yet13:09
zxq9ivanb: And if you have very large report forms, like for government things (like we do here) you will have a million fields, all labeled the same thing, so good luck.13:09
ivanbthaks guys, i will try...bye13:10
oxcarHow can I two different versions of Tryton client in my linux without problems?13:11
zxq9oxcar: Just download the versions you want to play with, don't install them and just run them from the command line.13:12
oxcar@ zxq9: Ah ok, Thanks...13:13
zxq9oxcar: You'll have to just run "trytond-{ver}/trytond/bin/trytond &" and then run tryton-{ver}/tryton/bin/tryton &", replacing $ver with whatever you are trying out.13:13
zxq9oxcar: Note that existing databases can get weird if you do this -- so its easier to create a fresh database for whatever version + modules you want to play with.13:14
oxcar@ zxq9: Yes, now I understand.13:22
grasbauerbechamel: ping17:35
bechamelgrasbauer: pong17:36
grasbauerbechamel: Where to put the sphinx stuff - I think bitbucket ... because ist a lot of binaries and additional scripting17:37
cedkgrasbauer: it should be mainly text17:39
cedkgrasbauer: just 1 image17:40
cedkgrasbauer: by the way, is it not possible to fill the feeds with only js17:41
cedkgrasbauer: I would not like to have a server running just for that17:41
grasbauercedk: yes - I will take a look17:42
bechamelgrasbauer: I was simply thinking about having them online like
bechamelit's enough atm17:42
grasbauerbechamel: there is one extension to build the main navigation on top17:43
cedkgrasbauer: also I think you should not try to integrate the documentation17:43
cedkgrasbauer: it is a separate things17:43
cedkgrasbauer: and even, I'm thinking if we should not just keep the Python default template for it17:44
grasbauerbechamel: that was only for having a picture about the styles17:44
bechamelgrasbauer: my only complain with the current layout is that there is no 'Home' item in the navbar, it should be explicitly there17:44
cedkgrasbauer: also how the menu is managed?17:45
grasbauerbechamel: simple - but the way I build the topnavigation is really strange ;)17:45
cedkgrasbauer: I think it will be good to have it based on the tree structure of the files17:45
grasbauercedk, bechamel: one moment. i do a cleaning and then a upload17:45
bechamelgrasbauer: ok17:47
grasbauercedk, bechamel: see my messy stuff here: - today I had not time to work on it - and there is a lot of stuff only for learning sphinx ....18:12
grasbauercedk, bechamel: the extension for building the mainnavigation exist just for one reason: to highlight the link if it is selected18:21
cedkgrasbauer: by the way, is it safe to use iframe?18:26
cedkgrasbauer: will it not better to just depend on sphinxext instead of copying it18:26
grasbauercedk: don't understand18:27
grasbauercedk: how depend? the stuff inside is handcrafted by me18:28
cedkgrasbauer: ha ok, it doesn't come from the sphinx ext repo18:29
grasbauercedk: Yes - that was my inspiration ... but which extensions are usefull? feed looks nice and we must write a extension to embed vimeo - but it's easy ...18:34
cedkgrasbauer: yes I thing for now feed is the only one needed18:37
cedkgrasbauer: by the way, I think we don't need the sidebarsearch18:37
grasbauercedk: I thought it's disbaled, isn't it? I put the search on top ...18:38
cedkgrasbauer: ok but it is in the template18:39
grasbauercedk: only to disbale the block18:40
grasbauercedk: disable18:41
cedkgrasbauer: how could we get a tree menu?18:41
cedkgrasbauer: without having all in 1 page?18:41
grasbauercedk: nested dict? you mean the topnavigation?18:41
grasbauercedk: somthing like a dropdown?18:42
cedkgrasbauer: yes18:43
cedkgrasbauer: because having just 2 level will not be enough18:43
cedkgrasbauer: is it really required to get the google font Nobile?18:45
grasbauercedk: NO!18:46
grasbauercedk: and we can have a own fontface-package in static as well18:46
phellercedk: submitted patch for the mac gdk-pixbuf issue to bugtracker, and reassigned to nobody18:47
yangooncedk: hi18:47
yangoonrelease 2.2 was one month ago, I think we should have bugfix release soon18:47
phellercedk: ready to do the same for the mac detection fix to, once you have a chance to review18:47
yangooncedk any plans?18:47
cedkpheller: ok18:50
cedkyangoon: yes but I have some bugfix in the queue that I would like to have in the release18:50
cedkyangoon: I think we can plan it for the week-end or next week18:50
yangooncedk: agreed, migration fixes should be in18:51
phellercedk,yangoon: I can try to finish the neso bug fixes for Mac, too…..18:51
cedkpheller: wrong schema for the comment of the patch18:52
cedkpheller: could you make a new one18:52
cedkpheller: see
phellercedk: you mean you want multiple lines now?18:53
cedkpheller: yes formatted issue and review18:54
cedkpheller: it is like that since the begining of this year I think18:54
phellercedk: ok, I have not made a change since then, I don't think18:55
cedkpheller: it will be great if we can have Mac client back for the coming release18:57
phellercedk: is there a simple way to edit a commit message?18:58
cedkpheller: hg rollback18:59
cedkpheller: hg commit18:59
phellercedk: yep, got it, thanks18:59
phellercedk: fixed commit message, attached new patch19:17
cedkyangoon: also the corruption of local_data cache19:20
cedkyangoon: it will be good to have it19:20
yangooncedk: +1, absolutely19:21
grasbauercedk: Your objection with the levels in the navigation - seems that  this to be done with custom methods, because there is no way to do it with sphinx I guess20:59
grasbauerI am thinking about a nested dict containing all references of subfolders to build a subnavigation in the sidebar ...21:05
phellercedk: you still here?  so do you want me to change all instances of to sys.platform.startswith, and to win32 / darwin respectively23:50
cedkpheller: indeed after reading carefully the doc, I think the startswith is only for line23:51
cedkpheller: so let's go like you did23:52
phellercedk: ok, do you want me to use sys.platform for win32, though?  I can make all the changes, but someone else will need to test them23:52
cedkpheller: no let's keep it like that23:53
phellercedk: ok, then I'll only make the changes needed for mac/darwin23:53

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