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sampacHi all. I didn't find any information on how to populate the .po file with translation strings from a report. Anyone ?09:36
cjbarnes18Hi all,  I am putting together a demo module as a learning exercise,  using all components of Tryton.  Could someone point me to a resource that will explain the use and use-case for the Reference field?15:53
udonocjbarnes18: Hi, the reference field is used in the Attachment Model:
cjbarnes18udono: thanks will take a look.16:32
cjbarnes18So to clarify my understanding: The reference field is used to relate the current record to a record in another non related model.16:56
udonocjbarnes18: yes, sounds good to me.17:04
cjbarnes18udono: cool, thanks17:08
pokolii'm writting the HelloWorld module like explained in the wiki18:16
pokoliI'm getting the following error:  Reference to helloworld.act_hello_world_form not found18:17
pokolicould anyone give me some tip?18:17
pokolii got the solution18:20
pokolii was referencing to act_hello_world_form before defining it18:20
yangoonpokoli: this id is not on the hello world example, so you should explain a little bit what you are doing18:21
pokolii got it solucioned18:22
yangoonpokoli: yes, I saw it, congratulations18:22
pokolibut now i got another error: Invalid XML for view18:22
pokolihere is my hello.xml file:
pokoliyangoon could you give me some tips please?18:33
yangoonpokoli: look at the error message18:34
yangoonit should indicate the tag/id that is failing18:35
pokolii only got a windows saying: Invalid XML view18:40
pokoliif i go to the views menu and create it manually it falls with the same error18:40
pokoliyangoon finally i managed to get it work! Thanks for your help ;)18:58
yangoonpokoli: if you start the server with option -v you should get more detailed information21:38
cjbarnes18I am looking at the nereid web front for Tryton, anyone know which tryton version it works with?22:59
yangooncjbarnes18: AFAIR it was originally built on 1.823:00
cjbarnes18yangoon: ok, thanks23:01
cjbarnes18are there any viable web front ends for current Tryton?23:24
yangooncjbarnes18: did you have a look at ?23:25
cjbarnes18no, have you experience with it?23:26
yangooncjbarnes18: yes, it works;)23:27
cjbarnes18great thank you23:27
yangoonI had to change to tmpfile in download_invoice, because StringIO/FileWrapper didn't like buffer, but perhaps I missed a simple conversion to string23:29
cjbarnes18I always thought Django to be more a DIY CMS framework than a web application framework.  At least that is what I'd interpreted its design goals to be.23:45

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