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phellerAnyone here yet have a good cross-platform solution of rendering reports to pdf?  The python-oo bindings have no consistency from system to system.16:20
udonopheller: tryton uses
udonopheller: other option could be reportlab17:20
phellerudono: ok.  I don't like either option.17:20
phellerudono: thanks, though :-)17:20
bechamelpheller: other ideas:, (but I never tried them)17:25
phellerbechamel: thanks…. I like wkhtmltopdf, works well.  But there is no good enduser wysiwyg writer for html based reports.  This is definitely the strongest part of using openoffice17:26
jcmpheller: is there anything I can to to help for 2.2 mac client?17:30
phellerjcm: a valid mac client can be built from trunk currently….  there is still an issue with the menu integration, and a crash if you quit from the dock icon.17:30
phellerjcm: I finish my class today and can give another few hours at trying to fix the menu integration piece.  cedk had an idea that it might be related to the shortcuts17:32
phellerjcm: how soon do you need a binary?  I can build one tonight that still has the menu bug, if you need it now.17:32
cedkpheller: normally patches have been backported to 2.2 and 2.017:33
cedkyangoon: I think it is time for a bugfix release17:34
phellercedk: oh right, those patches are applied to trunk.  I did test, and they apply clean to 2.2 and 2.0, though.17:34
jcmI have a mac account I created here when I built the 2.0 client; I will update it and compile17:34
phellerjcm: are you building under 10.6 or 10.7?  you'll need to make some changes to the build environment under 10.7…. I haven't yet documented that on the wiki....17:35
jcmpheller: 10.617:35
phellerjcm: ok, then it should build for you17:35
jcmpheller: I'm testing the 2.2 server with some modules cedk is writing for us, would be simpler with a client on my notepad :/17:35
phellerjcm: you will find the patches you need attached to issue 2258 and issue 1976 on the bugtracker.  They should apply cleanly against 2.217:38
cedkpheller: they are applied17:39
phellercedk: ah, ok, I misunderstood.17:39
phellercedk: cool17:39
jcmpheller: great, I have a running mac 2.2 client !19:04
phellerjcm: glad to hear it :-)19:04
phellerdo you have the problem with the menu bar?  (shows another apple logo in the upper left), or the issue where the window is not shown until the dock icon is clicked?19:05
phellerjcm: hmmh…. so the problems must be introduced with a change in gtk+.  can you post the 2.2 dmg for me to download?  I want to compare.19:07

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