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oxcarIs it possible to do automatic backup of any database in tryton? For example everyday at hour specific.12:51
sisalpoxcar: yes, consider crontab and pg_dump12:52
oxcarsisalp: Ok, but it is inside/from Tryton Client or with external SQL12:54
yangoonoxcar: which distribution are you running?12:55
oxcarsisalp: Xubuntu 11.10, postgresql 9.1 and pgAdmin12:56
yangoonoxcar: consider installing autopostgresqlbackup on the server, it is very handy for such use case12:57
DrTardiswhat about the community on tryton project ?14:55
DrTardisis it a well documented project ?14:56
piloudid you visited this link: ? there are "Documentation" and "Community" links ;)14:58
DrTardiswhat is the way to install a new module in tryton (ie gnu_health)15:05
sisalpDrTardis: similar to openerp, check the doc please15:13
corroDrTardis: have you tried to follow the installation guide on See
DrTardisis there any installation for tryton server on windows ?15:20
DrTardisbecause on website there is only windows client and nesos15:23
sisalpDrTardis: checking15:28
sisalpDrTardis: yes I confirm, there is no out-of-the-box tryton server for windows15:30
DrTardishow ca i use it on windows ?15:36
sisalpDrTardis: I don't know, a windows user may help you. I'm looking at how I could set up a demo server for GnuHealth15:38
udonoDrTardis: hi, we have very less experience in using trytond on a windows server. On client side windows and linux are working well. For now it is recommended using Linux/BSD on server side.16:00
DrTardisan ubuntu virtual machine will be good ?16:03
udonoDrTardis: yes, would be good. Even better when you use debian testing, because the packages are more fresh.16:09
udonoDrTardis: AFAIK neither Debian, nor ubuntu have tryton 2.2 available for now. yangoon: is this correct?16:10
DrTardisok i'm downloading vmware16:13
DrTardisjust for test gnuhealth16:13
DrTardisbecause the online demo doesnt work on the site16:13
sisalpI've published a script for automated install on ubuntu/debian, let me check where it is16:20
sisalphere it is :
yangoonudono: correct16:26
DrTardisso wich version xill be run ?16:26
DrTardisa question about python16:42
DrTardiscan i paste here16:42
DrTardisaccording to python, if(1799.09>1799.09) is True16:43
pilouDrTardis: you should try with ipython16:55
piloun [2]: 1799.09 > 1799.0916:55
pilouOut[2]: False16:55
pilouadd "dbg(type(calc_qty))" and "dbg(type(move.move_id.product_qty))"16:56
sisalpDrTardis: you need 2.2 for gnu health17:32
DrTardisgood by17:42
jcmhi, I cannot run ssl on 2.2: when I activate it in conf and restart the server, the client says Errno54, Connection reset by peer17:48
jcmthough I have "INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC SSL protocol" in server log17:48
jcmwhat can I do to debug this ?17:48
cjbarnes18hi all o/ I would like to create a module that inherits compaN18:13
cjbarnes18hi all o/ I would like to create a module that inherits compaN18:14
cjbarnes18hi all o/ I would like to create a module that inherits company/employee model, could someone point me tyo a good example.18:14
yangooncjbarnes18: company inherits from party18:52

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