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pokolibut it would be a nice to have, wouldn't it?00:01
cedkpokoli: yes why not00:02
pokolicedk, i will create an issue and give it some thought00:03
pokolicedk, i was thinking about it this afternoon and I don't know if it was implemented00:03
pokolicedk, thanks for your comments00:03
oxcarHow I download sale_rebate module?00:09
cedkoxcar: it is on codereview00:12
oxcarYes, I tried $ svn checkout
cedkoxcar: about the sale view, this could be the reason:
cedkoxcar: it doesn't work like that00:13
cedkoxcar: you must do:00:13
cedk# hg init sale_rebate00:13
cedk# hg import --no-commit
oxcarcedk: thank you, I am newbie in coderiew :S00:15
pokolicedk, the order of a list view is customizable in the view definition (xml file)?00:16
oxcarpokoli: I have the same question ¿?, else it would be a good feature00:19
pokolioxcar, I'm filling a feature request, so I would now if it's implemented already00:21
cedkpokoli: no00:22
pokolicedk, i will put it in the feature request too ;-)00:23
DrTardisi need help with widget13:02
DrTardisi want to overide or create a new widget (field widget like float_time)13:03
DrTardiswhere ca i found the code ?13:03
bechamelDrTardis: grep on float_time gives
bechamel 13:12
DrTardisthank you bechamel13:13
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