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jcmhi, the Party search bar is less powerful than the sale field completion (for search by second word for instance). I'm not sure it's related to
jcmWhat would be the way to improve this?10:25
sisalpjcm: I don't think it is related to the bug which is about full-text search iiuc11:22
ciupicrisharkcz, is there a tryton 2.2 repository for Fedora 16 (or Enterprise Linux 6)?12:59
emmahi :)13:03
emmaI'm trying to make a custom invoice report for tryton13:03
emmaI'm using the latest version from mercurial13:04
emmaSo I went to Administration => user interface => actions => reports13:04
emmaCreated a new record (name: Ls-Invoice, model: account.invoice, internal name: account.lsinvoice)13:06
emmaI put "invoice/invoice.odt" as path and "company/header_A4_ls.odt" (my custom presentation) as style13:07
emmasaved everything but it didn't appear in the reports for invoices13:07
cedkemma: you must create a keyword action for the new report13:08
emmaso I thought maybe I should create an action... and When I tried to create my action, tryton told me that the field "Type" was required, but there is no such field in the action form13:09
emma@cedk: I tried, but there is no "type" in the action form, am I looking at the right place?13:10
cedkemma: no, by creating a report, you already create an action13:13
cedkemma: find your report in the action list and then you will see the keywords list13:13
emmacedk: ok, found it13:16
cedkemma: you can look at the other invoice report to see what to enter13:18
emmacedk: I created a "Print form" keyword on invoice, but it didn't change anything13:18
cedkemma: you must close and reopen the tab13:23
emmacedk: I did that :)13:23
cedkemma: I think there is a cache, you should also restart the server13:25
emmacedk: Thanks, I restarted the server and the client and now it works13:26
cedkemma: you could create an issue in the bugtracker because normally there is code the clean the cache but it seems it doesn't work properly13:30
emmacedk: ok, I'll do that13:33
emmacedk: issue #238713:40
version2betacedk, nicoe: I am looking at using Relatorio. I've been trying to use XHTML2PDF based on ReportLab, and things just don't seem to do quite what I expect. Is Relatorio a good choice to generate a few invoices from a Python API?14:02
cedkversion2beta: at least, it is what we think :-)14:06
cedkversion2beta: but if you want a pdf generation, you should also use unoconv to convert odt into pdf14:07
cedkversion2beta: unoconv is quite fast when running in background14:11
version2betacedk: My primary spec calls for generating a PDF version of a client's statement, that they can download and save.14:11
version2betacedk: I'll look at it more closely. Fast is good - 650,000 registered users. (I think less than 20,000 will actually use this part of the service though.)14:12
cedkversion2beta: indeed the speed of generating 1 odt/pdf depends a lot of the number of pages it contains14:13
version2betaThese are simple, one to two pages each. Not like a heavy tryton report.14:13
cedkversion2beta: so it should not be a problem14:15
cedkversion2beta: how much report/min ?14:15
version2betacedk: I think it's an easy application. One report a minute might be the heaviest they ever, ever see. I was more concerned about using too big a library than too small.14:16
cedkversion2beta: so it looks like relatorio is probably a good choice14:18
sisalpversion2beta: good to see you back ;-)14:18
version2betacedk: Excellent and thank you. I will give that a try!14:18
cedkversion2beta: especially if you have a some layout design requirements14:18
version2betasisalp: Were you following my medical challenges? I think I saw you tweet at me, through a drug-induced haze. Thank you! :-)14:19
nicoeversion2beta: you're already back, that's impressive14:20
sisalpversion2beta: I guessed more than I knew about and wish you the best for this year !14:20
version2betasisalp, nicoe: I'm young, only 42, so it should be something from which I recover pretty quickly. They did four bypasses, but it's still the pain from the sternum that's primary. I had some complications after with delerium and fibrilations, but that lasted only a couple of days. And I have woken up coding in my dreams like every day since.14:22
version2betasisalp: Thank you for the wishes :-)14:22
sisalpanybobye from nantic here ?16:44
cedksisalp: they are not big fan of irc16:46
sisalpI remeber their presentation of an online documentation system they presented at TUL16:47
sisalpand was trying to remember why we did not adopt it16:48
cedksisalp: we did not16:51
cedksisalp: just waiting for POC16:51
sisalpthe demo was not a poc already ?16:55
sisalpproof of concept ?16:55
cedksisalp: it is based on koo and OpenERP16:58
sisalpreally ? ;-) I missed the point16:58
grasbauerour client is updating his inventories: if he set a inventory to confirmed, the time to create a line takes about 3 seconds - mainly creating a account_move takes a lot of time - any suggestion what is causing this performance issues?17:05
cedkgrasbauer: which account_move?17:06
grasbauercedk: i was logging all calls to create in modelsql - the inventory is writing a record to account_move17:09
cedkgrasbauer: which accounting stock module have you?17:10
grasbauercedk: ah - ok - the accounting stocj module is involved17:11
grasbauercedk: account_stock_continental17:12
cedkgrasbauer: I don't see any thing that could be involved17:16
cedkgrasbauer: but a lot of stuffs are done, so maybe it is the lowest time17:16
cedkgrasbauer: anyway, when such things happens most of the time it is the amount of SQL queries that you should try to reduce17:17
grasbauercedk: I do nothing ;) it's all done with standard modules17:18
grasbauercedk: will investigate this17:18
grasbauercedk: the creation of all stuff with 1 inventory_line is:17:19
grasbauercreate stock_move 0.0917:19
grasbauercreate account_move_line 0.0617:19
grasbauercreate account_move_line 0.0617:19
grasbauercreate account_move 1.4417:19
grasbauercreate account_move  1.517:19
cedkgrasbauer: why is there 2 account_move created?17:20
grasbauercedk: dont know - I'll will logg more infos17:21
cedkgrasbauer: otherwise I guess it is all the check on account_move that slow the process17:21
grasbauercedk: strange - the second call to create a account_move has no values.17:24
cedkgrasbauer: look at the traceback17:34
grasbauercedk: there is no traceback. The only issue for me: confirming an inventory with 336 lines takes 20 Minutes - the client is unusable in this time and the process consumes 100% cpu on the server17:38
cedkgrasbauer: print it17:40
grasbauercedk: will check this later - my partners are standing next to my table in sexy shorts asking me, what the hell I'm doing: we need to leave for a beachvolley game - we have a nice indoor place here - all trytonistas are wellcome for a match against grasbauer ;)17:42
grasbauercedk: thanks so far back in 2 hours17:43
sisalpis sphinx a tool which is related to user documentation ?18:47
cedksisalp: yes it is the documentation framework we use18:47
sisalpso I go and visit their site18:48
cedksisalp: it will be also the framework for the new website18:51
sisalpthere are many sphinxes on google18:53
cedksisalp: yes this one18:56
sisalpI don't really understand what it does. I guess it is more than a rst-to-html tool19:01
cedksisalp: no, it is what it is plus some features19:02
sisalpSphinx seems to be a site generator from a set of reST files19:11
sisalpResult looks like a wiki, but it doesn't provide an online -editor backoffice19:12
sisalpso reST have to be created from another system of extracted from code.19:13
sisalpIAm I close to the truth ?19:13
cedksisalp: yes, it is not a wiki19:13
cedksisalp: wiki is not documentation19:13
sisalpdo you mean wikipedia is not documentation ?19:14
sisalpmediawiki is a tool to edit on line pages of content19:15
cedksisalp: hard to say, but they have rules that makes it close to19:16
cedksisalp: but anyway, I'm speaking about software documentation19:17
sisalpIs there a benefit to write reST docs for users, process them with sphinx and publish ? over a vanilla wiki ?19:19
sisalpwhat differs between software and user doc ? Is software doc extracted ?19:19
cedksisalp: I don't know what you are talking about19:20
sisalptoday tryton uses a wiki and moves to sphinx, correct ? There is a benefit behind this19:20
cedksisalp: no, we use sphinx since day 119:21
cedksisalp: there was a wiki because somes did not want to spend time on writing correct doc19:21
cedksisalp: also wiki was there initialy for blueprints etc.19:23
sisalpyou mean you write reSt by hand19:23
cedksisalp: it was never the goal to be a user documentation19:23
sisalpand then publish it as static pages19:23
sisalpthanks to sphinx19:23
cedksisalp: yes19:25
cedksisalp: I think there is some project that try to add online editing based on sphinx19:26
sisalpok, clear to me now, thank you19:27
cedksisalp: the main advantage to use rst (and sphinx) is to have the doc following the dev in the repository19:28
jcmcedk: I got answers today with my accountant for the type of accounts in account_fr. Do you prefer to receive theses precision as email or on the codereview ? I cannot translate correctly everything in english :/19:30
sisalpjcm: regarding account_fr : tryton-fr ?19:34
cedkjcm: in codereview in french19:34
jcmcedk: ok19:34
jcmsisalp: later, caus' now I go and practise some music ;-)19:35
marc0si'm having trouble after upgrading from 1.8 to 2.0, when login in the migrated database.
marc0sany hint on this? i imagin some missing icon file but... not sure20:09
cedkmarc0s: ok tryton-users icon was removed20:13
cedkmarc0s: I guess you use it in a custom module?20:13
cedkmarc0s: if so, you can define it in your module like it is done in product module for tryton-product icon20:14
marc0scedk: ok, i'll see20:14
cedkmarc0s: wait, you update to 2.0 not 2.2 ?20:15
marc0scedk: maybe is tryton-party someway related to tryton-users icon? that's the one i use in my module20:16
marc0scedk: oops, aplogize, was reading another xml file; sure in mine there is, the tryton-users one20:17
cedkmarc0s: indeed in 2.0, icons are not yet define in modules20:17
cedkmarc0s: indeed I think we remove or rename it20:17
cedkACTION bbl20:19
coepshello everybody.20:24
coepsI was playing around with the tryton example hello world. Installation worked fine. However, I installed the module HelloWorld and thought why not change some labels ind the view type form <label name="name_label"/>. Unfortunately with the -u or the -i option of the server the correction is never updated but results in an broken view in the client (no labels...). Is an update of labels not possible or am I missing something important?20:27
coepsI was wondering if an update of an existing module is possible at all?20:28
cedkcoeps: it is possible20:34
cedkcoeps: it is the base of the framework20:34
cedkcoeps: did you well define the xml in
coepsI just used the example and it was working well. afterwards I just changed the view "hello_view_form" and changed the cdata-tag <label name="name"/> to <label name="name_labelxy"/>. Afterward I started the server with the -i option again. Then I found the -u option and updated into the same db without errors from the server. But then the view is not displayed  with any labels at all afterwards.20:37
cedkcoeps: did a field name_labelxy exist ?20:38
coepsno, I thought its just the label, the written text. But if you ask like that, i am probably wrong :)20:39
coepsThis is how it looks after updating               <![CDATA[20:41
coeps              <form string="Hello">20:41
coeps                <label name="name_xy"/>20:41
coeps                <field name="name"/>20:41
coeps                <label name="greeting"/>20:41
coeps                <field name="greeting"/>20:41
coeps              </form>20:41
coeps              ]]>20:41
coepsand I thought i can just change the label of the displayed textfield-control from name to name_xy.20:42
coepsthanks for the help so far, but how do I change a label then?20:47
cedkcoeps: first, please don't copy/paste in the chan but use a pastebin20:47
cedkcoeps: you can display any string you want with label but you must use the attribute string instead of name20:47
cedkcoeps: name attribute is for fields20:47
coepsSorry, I will use a pastebin in future and thank you for the hint. I will try right away. By the way: is that the right place to ask questions like that or is there a better place to go?20:51
cedkcoeps: no, it is the good place21:02
coepsI was trying, but did not succeed. What do you mean by attribute string. Can you please be so kind as to give me an example how to change the label?  What of the xml refers to the field defined in the .py file and what part refers to the label in the form?21:05
cedkcoeps: change for: <label string="New Label"/>21:08
coepsSo, maybe I am to stupid for that, but when I change <label  name ="greeting"/> for  <label string="New Label"/>, i get an Invalid XML for View error. As I can take from the documentation the name Attribute is for using the default field-description. So the string should replace it?21:47

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