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gueuxhow can I put the siret (from party_siret) on my invoices?10:52
cedkgueux: just edit the template and add an entry like for the vat number11:26
gueuxcedk: thanks :-). hum, sorry for that newbie question but where is that template I have to edit?11:31
cedkgueux: you can find them in Administration>User Interface>Actions>Reports11:34
gueuxcedk: mmh... Then, I guess I have to open "Invoice"... But then?11:43
gueuxI have account_invoice/invoice.odt that I can "save as", but it looks like a usual .odt11:45
cedkgueux: save the content, edit it, and put it back11:46
gueuxoh wait, you're right, there are some <...> inside of the .odt file11:47
gueuxcedk: sorry for that other newbie question: how can I get the equivalent of for the "siret field"?12:01
cedkgueux: it is the siret or the siren?12:03
gueuxI'd love you to tell me how to access both :)12:04
gueuxbtw, siren should be sirene (with an "e")12:04
bechamelgueux: and invoice.adress.siret or something like that12:05
cedkit is invoice.invoice_address.siret12:06
gueuxisn't there a way for me to get this name from tryton? (I mean different from asking on #tryton)12:07
bechamelgueux: look at the code12:07
gueuxcedk: ok, sirene is the register :)12:10
gueuxbechamel: you mean directy in tryton's installation folder? wouldn't it be better to check this kind of things directly in tryton?12:12
bechamelgueux: in the client you can find this info via Administration > Models > Fields12:14
bechameland then filter on Model: =Invoice12:15
gueuxbechamel: well, I don't get any information about siren nor siret (nor vat) with this filter... and searching there directly for "siret" gives "siret" and "siret_nic", but does not give the "invoice.invoice_address." part13:29
cedkgueux: you have to look at the invoice definition13:36
gueuxafter modifying sale/sale.odt to include invoice.invoice_address.siret, I can't generate a Draft Sale anymore:
gueuxcedk: ok, I'll try that13:40
cedkgueux: of course it is not an invoice13:40
gueuxoh sure, stupid me13:41
cedkgueux: I guess it will be etc.13:41
gueuxgrmblbl! I've tried to look at the sale model definition, but it does not tell about siren. I've tried, sale.invoice_address.siren, ...14:06
cedkgueux: of course it doesn't show siren, but only the field it contains14:09
cedkgueux: Tryton is based on a relational schema14:09
bechamelgueux: search sale to find a link to party, then search party to find siren14:10
gueuxso why does does not work?14:15 contains a field party which links to a, and then contains a field siren14:16
gueuxbut inserting "<>" in sale.odt does not seem to but it anywhere in the Draft Sale I generate (but it does compile, so I guess it exists)14:18
bechamelgueux: strange, it should work14:20
gueuxohhh! wait, in fact it works! but it did not show because I did not put the siren of the recipient company14:20
gueuxbut that's not what I wanted :(. I'd like to write the siren of _my_ company14:21
gueuxso, I guess I have to change "company/header_A4.odt", right?14:21
bechamelgueux: yes, if you want to show the siren also on the other reports14:24
gueuxok. so now, the issue is that I don't know how to edit that "company/header_A4.odt"...14:29
gueuxI don't see it in Actions > Reports14:30
gueuxand in the Report, "sale/sale.odt" is the only template I can edit14:30
cedkgueux: you can edit the header or footer field of company14:35
gueuxcedk: you mean with Party > Configuration > Companies > Companies > Reports?14:37
gueuxif so, that's not what I'd like to do... is that "company/header_A4.odt" impossible to edit?14:39
piloui encounter this error when using "create chart of account" Is there a bug or have I misconfigured something ?14:50
cedkgueux: no, in Party>Configuration>Companies15:29
cedkpilou: it is a bug already fixed15:31
gueuxcedk: and then? I select my company and choose "Reports" and then edit "Header"?15:32
piloucould you point me the issue / patch please ?15:32
cedkpilou: I think there was no issue reported15:32
cedkpilou: changeset e59e1ced9f7715:33
piloucedk: thanks !15:33
cedkgueux: yes15:33
gueuxthat writes the siret number at the top of the page, which is not clean at all. and if I had to change the siret number, I would have to think to change the header, too.15:34
gueuxisn't possible to edit that "company/header_A4.odt"?15:34
gueuxas the other template files?15:34
gueuxcedk: ?15:37
cedkgueux: there is no good way to edit header except editing the source15:37
cedkgueux: that's why it will be removed in the future15:37
gueuxyou mean that the header template will be completely removed?15:39
gueuxwouldn't it be better to be able to edit it in the user interface and then, to include it in other templates with (let's say) <extends template "header.odt">15:41
gueux(like in django)15:41
gueuxmaybe it would be better to use another template language?15:43
gltrippdoes it make any sense to use psyco on tryton to get more speed ?15:54
bechamelgltripp: I would be really interested by a pypy port, but I don't know if it's difficult or not16:07
gltrippi think pypy would be much more slower16:22
gltrippmy instance is running on a intel atom cpu - that doesn't rock very well16:23
bechamelgltripp: I made some test with small test progams ad pypy was really impressive16:26
bechamelI don't know how it behaves for bigger softwares though16:26
gltrippfaster thatn cython ?16:26
bechamelgltripp: fatser than non-annotated cython16:27
bechamelgltripp: you can check page 38 on
gltrippthats faster16:29
bechamelgltripp: yes they made a lot of speed improvement recently and iirc they just received a donation from google to support python 316:31
cedkindeed, I'm really not sure that it will speed up trytond16:41
cedkI think the main botleneck is the database communication16:42
gltrippcedk: why is the search form removed in 2.2 ?16:46
cedkgltripp: I don't understand16:47
gltrippin 1.8, there was a search formular in list views where you could generate a serch term by picking the conditions from picklists16:49
gltrippin 2.2, there is only a search line16:49
cedkgltripp: yes it is the same but improved16:50
gltrippimproved ?16:50
gltrippso, how to get a list of searchable fields and options ?16:50
gltrippi'm in the view where you can list all accounts, the filter wont find anything :-(16:52
gltrippthats not true ?16:55
gltrippremoving the filter gui is called "improvement" by you?16:56
gltrippouhm, sorry - but any dump enduser would not like to use this search syntax16:57
gltrippand i dont like to remember the search syntax either16:59
gltripp... nor alle the field names at all16:59
cedkgltripp: you don't have to remember the syntax, autocompletion is there17:03
gltripphowever - the search formular as "addon" was very intuitive17:05
gltrippwhy not to combine ?17:05
cedkgltripp: because it will be a duplicate functionnality17:06
gltrippgenerating a search term by clicking is an usabilitiy feature: not everybody likes to remember the fieldnames, operators and so on17:08
cedkgltripp: you don't have to remember it17:08
cedkgltripp: autocompletion is there17:08
cedkgltripp: and more over you have the name in the header of the list17:08
gltrippnot all17:09
gltrippin my opintion: the funcionality of the formular was an usability feature17:09
cedkgltripp: it is your opinion17:10
gltrippmay be17:11
gltrippbut atm, i'm not able to formulate a query "name contains 'string'"17:12
cedkgltripp: it is very easy: name: string17:14
gltrippdoes not find anything (in the account list)17:15
gltrippi'm in the tree view where all accounts are listed17:16
gltrippand the search does not find anything17:16
cedkgltripp: I don't know what you are searching17:16
cedkgltripp: but such simple stuffs work17:17
gltrippi'm in the tree view, where all accounts are hierarchical listed17:18
bechamelgltripp: as I said in the bug tracker, the idea is to simply type "string"17:18
gltrippand i like to search a special account by name17:18
gltrippbut it does not find anything - even if i type "a" in the form17:19
bechamelgltripp: keep in mind that search search is made on the beginning of the name, not inside17:20
cedkgltripp: in tree view, the search will only apply on root17:20
gltripp(hm, damn)17:57

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