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PanderHi all10:06
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PanderI have a filter on category for party tree which works, it uses if value.lower() in cats[cat].lower(): ... how can I change this so that when I search for 'beo' it will also return 'béo'?11:42
PanderIn other words, what Python library supports diacritic independent matching on UTF-8?11:58
cedkPander: I used SequenceMatcher for fuzzying translation
jcmPander, cedk : is this a good solution ?
cedkjcm: I don't think12:42
cedkjcm: it is not about representation but matching12:45
jcmcedk: found it here (question about removing diacriticals)
cedkjcm: unidecode convert to ascii but it is not the goal12:50
Pandercedk: thanks13:03
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