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2012-02-13 00:29 <cjbarnes18> Hi all, I am trying to import data from xml to a record that inherits from party, how do I address the name field in the xml?
2012-02-13 00:34 <cedk> cjbarnes18: juts like with the other Models
2012-02-13 00:34 <cedk> cjbarnes18: but XML is for static data
2012-02-13 00:35 <cjbarnes18> Hmm, OK, so what is the convention for importing test data with relations?
2012-02-13 00:37 <cedk> cjbarnes18: I often use proteus and write a script with it
2012-02-13 00:38 <cjbarnes18> I think I have seen this in gnu health. will look again, thanks.
2012-02-13 00:41 <cjbarnes18> once I have this under my belt, I will test time field in proteus.
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