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cedkxrg_: F3 still not public?15:48
xrg_Still have this dilemma: am I going to be copied (and not attributed) once more?15:51
cedkxrg_: create a page like
cedkxrg_: they fix it very quickly15:54
xrg_Interesting. You remind me of the talks we had back then about who wrote the code (=DAV) ..15:55
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verneda1i just install a tryton 2.2 on debain system18:37
verneda1i cant enter from the localhost18:37
verneda1but i cannot connect from the lan18:38
verneda1i check trytond.conf18:38
verneda1what about # localhost = ???18:39
cedkverneda1: by default, it listen only on localhost18:42
verneda1my trytond.conf:18:45
verneda1# This is the hostname used when generating tryton URI18:45
verneda1#hostname =18:45
verneda1# Activate the json-rpc protocol18:45
verneda1jsonrpc = *:800018:45
verneda1#ssl_jsonrpc = True18:45
verneda1I need allow acces from entire network18:47
verneda1but i dont know how???18:47
cedkverneda1: *:8000 is for all interface18:49
cedkverneda1: but be careful that it will listen on ipv6 if you have it18:50
verneda1tcp6       0      0 :::8000                 :::*                    LISTEN18:51
verneda1the client cant connect to server18:52
verneda1is only for testing purpose18:53
cedkverneda1: do you use the ipv6 address of the server?18:54
verneda1is a vm, on
cedkverneda1: so make the server listening on ipv4 by using:
verneda1ok,  is a great solution19:01
verneda1i can connect now19:01

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