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xrg_cedk: IMHO the problem with wkfs is exactly the opposite: they are under-used.16:52
cedkxrg_: I don't think so, there are too restrictive16:54
xrg_lemme see.16:56
xrg_Yes,  I had read that discussion before thinking mine. Your points are true, but there is more solutions than just removing wkfs.17:00
xrg_Remember, in F3 the strategy is to remain compatible, not remove any core features (even ugly ones)17:00
cedkxrg_: I'm speaking about Tryton17:02
xrg_I know, I'm just sharing my thoughts on the same subject, parallel design.17:02
cedkxrg_: we can not share if you don't have the same targets17:04
cedkxrg_: for us, OE compatbility is gone since day 117:04
xrg_That's the reason I'm not just a part of Tryton now. ;) But still, technical discussions are common to us, I believe.17:06
xrg_You take the red pill, I take the blue pill17:08
cedkxrg_: ok but so I don't see why you want to keep workflow except for compatibility17:09
xrg_cedk: my reason is that I want the processes to be configurable in the db, not need python code.17:10
cedkxrg_: I think it is a dream to think lambda user will configure workflow17:11

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