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corrodid you know that tryton has a problem with leap years?11:09
corroValueError: day is out of range for month11:10
bechamelcorro: yes, it is reported here
corrobechamel: ok, thx11:15
cedkneed native english speaker for
andreasgrabHi, my clients under Windows and OS X (both 2.2.1) does not show images. Linux client work. XML: <field name="preview" widget="image"  colspan="2"/>, Anny ideas why?13:50
cedkandreasgrab: gdk-pixbuf loarders should be wrongly registered13:52
andreasgrabThanks!  But i have no idea how to solve or even search14:01
cedkandreasgrab: gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders should give you the links14:13
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reichlichcedk, am I wrong or is no SPLIT_PART function in the MySQL backend implementation?16:07
cedkreichlich: what do you mean?16:12
reichlichcedk, the SPLIT_PART function used by property for example. Is that function implemented for the MySQL backend?16:14
cedkreichlich: what do you name MySQL backend?16:15
reichlichcedk, the trytond backend implementations trytond/backend/mysql/*16:16
reichlichcedk, for sqlite in the backend implementation the SPLIT_PART function is added16:17
cedkreichlich: I will guess that MySQL support this SQL statement16:42
reichlichcedk, nope16:44
cedkreichlich: so how did it work for you?16:54
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sharoonthomascedk: will there be a package release of triton client with Issue2469 fixed ?17:04
reichlichcedk, it did not. For some reason the tests ran with SQLite. Now I got the same error17:08
cedksharoonthomas: yes but iany it will be fixed tomorrow :-)17:09
cedkreichlich: ok17:09
cedkreichlich: so we should add the functionnality to MySQL17:09
sharoonthomascedk: what is the fastest workaround ? change search_value ?17:10
reichlichcedk, with a stored procedure?17:10
cedksharoonthomas: yes but it is an XML record17:11
cedkreichlich: difficult to maintain17:11
sharoonthomascedk: yes, SQL update :P17:11
cedkreichlich: I don't now if we can do the same as for sqlite17:13
reichlichcedk, I think we can not17:14
cedkreichlich: perhaps by using substring ?17:15
cedkreichlich: like we do for EXTRACT_EPOCH_PATTERN and CAST_VARCHAR_PATTERN17:17
reichlichcedk, maybe SUBSTRING_INDEX could do the job17:18
cedkreichlich: yes17:18
reichlichcedk, why is a SP difficult to maintain?17:20
cedkreichlich: how do you know you must change it?17:21
cedkreichlich: any way, I think you can replace split_part by substring_index with a regexp in mysql backend17:22
reichlichcedk, what about the CAST issues I wrote about on issue 2345?17:26
cedkI will never say that MySQL is bastar17:27
cedkreichlich: are you sure about the CAST issue?17:30
cedkreichlich: we used CAST in some other places without issue17:30
reichlichcedk, CAST('012' AS INTEGER) does not work17:31
cedkreichlich: I would prefer to fix it in mysql backend17:31
reichlichcedk, I think all other types have to be handled like with CAST_VARCHAR_PATTERN17:32
cedkreichlich: agree17:32
reichlichcedk, the way the SQL query manipulation is handled by now does not work in all situations, because of the QUOTE_SEPARATION17:51
reichlichcedk, if some string occurs within the CAST the EXTRACT_* patterns wont match17:52
cedkreichlich: I don't understand17:53
reichlichcedk, see
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cedkreichlich: we should go for python-sql17:57
reichlichcedk, yes17:58
reichlichcedk, do you think to leave that as is until python-sql?18:00
cedkreichlich: don't know, I don't care too much about MySQL18:00
reichlichcedk, when python-sql will be included?18:02
cedkreichlich: when it is ready18:03

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