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littlebithi I installed tryton on a debian os and wanted to try out the hello world example: . right at the first step, going to the specified path "/usr/local/tryton.......", tryton doesn't exist. My question is, do I have the create the complete path or is it located else where?07:06
littlebithi I installed tryton on a debian server and want to connect with a windows client onto it but i get the message that it cannot connect to server. any ideads where the problem could be?08:21
yangoonlittlebit: I answered on the german chan...10:54
littlebithi im using tryton-server 1.6.1-2 on debian, i wanted to know what the client version is compatible with it?16:58
cedklittlebit: any client with number 1.6.*16:59
littlebitcedk: well i setup a tryton server and when I want to use tryton client version 2.2.1 i get a message that the verion of the server is incompatible17:03
nicoelittlebit: client and server must have the same two first figures in version number17:04
littlebitnicoe: figures?17:05
littlebitnicoe: what figures?17:05
nicoelittlebit: numbers if you prefer17:08
littlebitnicoe: ok ill try that and get back to u17:11
littlebitnicoe: i downloaded and installed the client of version 1.6.4 and gave the ip and port of the server and till now the client window is all white and nothing happens17:19
nicoelittlebit: so you're connecting from a 1.6 client onto a 1.6 server17:26
nicoeis that correct ?17:26
littlebitnicoe: yes17:29
nicoeSo it looks like a network problem17:41
littlebitnicoe: ok ill look that up with wireshark17:51
cedklittlebit: surely, an IPv6 issue17:52
littlebiti have a local ipv4 router17:52
cedklittlebit: put instead of *:8000 in the configuration file17:52
littlebitthe server is in a vbox17:52
littlebitcedk: u mean the part with jsonrpc ?17:53
littlebiti did that already didnt help17:58

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