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marc0scedk: i found more or less what was my problem with the icons, no support for the icon format (svg) i suppose derived from the fact that my box has gtk3 and there may be some problem or colision with it. librsvg is installed btw11:56
cedkmarc0s: did the patch help?11:57
marc0scedk: yes, the client doesn't hang at startup and starts11:58
marc0scedk: it doesn't show any icon and fails when it raise the exception of unknown file format11:58
cedkmarc0s: could you put a comment on codereview11:59
cedkmarc0s: what do you mean by "exception of unknown file format"?12:00
marc0scedk: that was the error spited out in the shell12:00
marc0s(more or less)12:00
marc0scedk: i don't remember the exception type itself12:00
marc0scedk: let me re-run it again and will comment on the CR with enough info12:01
cedkmarc0s: ok thx12:02
marc0scedk: the error
marc0scedk: it says: cannot recognize the file format of the file12:03
cedkmarc0s: ok, I don't know if we should catch such error12:05
cedkmarc0s: because clearly your system is broken :-)12:05
marc0scedk: sure it is :)12:06
marc0scedk: what i'm not sure is, without applying the patch, if the error is raised by a not found issue or the same issue about the file format (in tryton2.0 the catched exception is Exception, not IOError)12:08
marc0scedk: the raised exception class is glib.GError so seems that the problem is because my b0rken system and not because a missing file12:24
marc0swill write it down in the review12:24
cedkmarc0s: ok, I'm wondering if we should catch this exception12:27
marc0scedk: i'm not sure neither12:28
cedkmarc0s: did you do special stuff to break your system?12:33
marc0scedk: no that i remember, just keeping my system up to date (archlinux, gtk3 hanging around the system, ...)12:33
marc0scedk: maybe some system wide installed packages are now packaged for gtk3 and don't have support for gtk2 (i'm no expert at all on gtk so i don't know if it makes sense)12:34
cedkmarc0s: so others could have the same issue12:35
marc0scedk: seems possible12:37
cedkmarc0s: could you try with the last version of the patch14:00
marc0scedk: i've seen the patch, will try to test it during the weekend17:17
cedkmarc0s: ok17:20
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