IRC logs of #tryton for Monday, 2012-03-26 #tryton log beginning Mon Mar 26 00:00:01 CEST 2012
cedkrhubner: hi00:00
rhubnercedk: I'm writing projects to gsoc and I would like to know more about "Add generic comments to the GTK client"00:02
rhubnercedk: Can you speak about it?00:03
cedkrhubner: did you already see the attachment feature ?00:04
rhubnercedk: already have something available?00:05
cedkrhubner: no, attachment feature is similar to the idea of comments00:06
rhubnercedk: Would it like a comments in blogs?00:08
cedkrhubner: yes in some way00:09
cedkrhubner: the idea is to be able to add comments on any record00:11
rhubnercedk: Ok... I think understand...00:12
cjbarnes18Hi All, I want to generate records for a one to many field on record creation, would the correct way to do this be ir.trigger?00:15
rhubnercedk: To show the idea is better mockup or prototype directly in gtk?00:15
cedkrhubner: as you prefer00:16
cedkcjbarnes18: it really depends on what you want to do00:16
rhubnercedk: ok.. thanks00:16
cjbarnes18cedk: Sorry if I interrupted.00:17
cjbarnes18cedk: I just want to poulate the list for a new record.00:18
cedkcjbarnes18: inherit create00:19
cjbarnes18ahh, ok, thank you.00:20
cjbarnes18cedk: is that called before or after save?00:21
cedkcjbarnes18: it does the save00:21
cjbarnes18of course, thanks again.00:21
-!- rhubner(~rhubner@ has left #tryton02:39
katrcedk: account_at_ekr: I have added the requested files and uploaded it to Rietveld and Bitbucket.14:09
katrcedk: if you want to pull.14:10
cedkkatr: ok I will take a look14:11
katrGreat, thx in advance.14:11

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