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albertcajcm: do you mean sale price or cost price?00:18
albertcajcm: ok, I don't think there's anything like that00:23
sisalpI wish to replicate products between two trytons10:58
sisalpI mean one is "master" and creates the products10:59
sisalpthe other one is "slave" and updates products from the "master"10:59
sisalpWhat would you suggest for this ?11:00
cedksisalp: why not use the multi-company?11:00
sisalpit is a possibility, but it is a complex solution for a simple requirement at first glance11:02
sisalpI know about two other alternatives : an external script and sharoon showed a mongodb replication in November11:06
sisalpcedk: did someone succed in configuring a multicompany solution ?11:07
cedksisalp: replace the product tables by external table in postgresql11:07
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sisalpcedk: I understand I can either "synchronize" or "share"11:09
sisalpcedk: share is real time, synchronize is better over long distance11:09
cedksisalp: long distance is quite reltive11:10
cedksisalp: sync has always the issue to resolve conflict11:11
sisalpcedk: conflict : correct. the assumption is that the sync is made in a single direction11:12
sisalpcedk: distance may matter in this case11:12
cedksisalp: even with single direction you can have conflict11:13
sisalpcedk:  there are place in switzerland where hosting is too slow for intensive use and they prefer a local server11:13
sisalpcedk: other companies are in France and Hong-Kong11:14
sisalpcedk: nevertheless, today they support bad performance on a multi-company centralized solution11:15
sisalpcedk: single dir and conflict : ??11:16
cedksisalp: it is possible because you sync relational data with constraint11:18
cedksisalp: it can happen when you got offline for some time11:18
sisalpcedk: agrre, even if unlikely in this case, solution must consider the case11:19
cedksisalp: perhaps:
cedksisalp: also simple case that fails: delete a product in the main database11:24
cedksisalp: it succeed on main because nothing use it11:24
cedksisalp: it fails on the slave because it was used11:25
cedksisalp: indeed why did they want to share products?11:26
sisalpcedk: subsidiaries sale main company products on their geographies11:28
cedksisalp: so I think it is more a business sync that needs to be done11:33
cedksisalp: by product code for example11:33
sisalpcedk: business synch ?11:34
cedksisalp: and even not from an other tryton server but a shared product catalog11:34
cedksisalp: business synch = not a table replication11:34
sisalpcedk: shared product catalog is made in tryton11:35
sisalpcedk: "not a table replication",  I favor this direction at first11:36
cedksisalp: which product properties did they share?11:37
sisalpcedk: I'm not clear about what properties are11:38
sisalpcedk: accounting properties are completly separate11:39
cedksisalp: that's the first thing to define11:39
cedksisalp: also when is a new product shared?11:40
sisalpcedk: always11:40
cedksisalp: because it could be just that user create the product and set a code that will be used to fecth some properties11:40
cedksisalp: when = always, always is not a time but a duration11:41
sisalpcedk: I meant always = all products, everytime, everywhere11:42
sisalpcedk: where can I find the list of properties of a product ?11:42
cedksisalp: it depend on which modules are installed11:43
cedksisalp: otherwise it is in Administration>Models>Models11:43
sisalpcedk: checked in Administration>Models>Properties of you demo2.2 database11:46
sisalpcedk: none of these properties can be shared iiuc11:47
cedksisalp: indeed, I think most of the time it is just a code and a name11:47
sisalpeach company has its own account chart and rules11:47
sisalpcedk: a code and a name + product features (size, packaging...)11:49
sisalpcedk: there will be also extra complexity which is not to be discussed here, but a generic requirement is to share stock levels in other companies11:51
sisalpcedk: I sell from my stock, if I don't have I purchase from another company of the group, if there is still not enough, I purchase from outside11:52
cedksisalp: so there is not one prefered supplier?11:56
cedksisalp: but I guess it can be done when the purchase request is created, it could queries other servers to see if there is in stock11:57
cedksisalp: I don't think it is a big deal11:57
sisalpcedk: in practice one company holds most of the stocks11:58
sisalpcedk: sales are stock driven for sale subsidiaries : they are in charge of sellin what is in stock somewehere in the group, nothing else12:00
cedksisalp: ok but could it be that it is always this one that buy by default12:00
sisalpcedk: but I think this is special to that business12:00
sisalpcedk: no, several companies buy12:01
sisalpcedk: they buy differently when they buy outside12:01
sisalpcedk: switzerland buys from wholesalers, while france buys from producers (at better conditions)12:03
sisalpcedk: switzerland is the main company, france is the company which creates products from everybody12:03
cedksisalp: ok so it could be done as I said but this will not prevent some cases where it buys to inhouse company and this one has sale just before12:03
sisalpcedk: this may happen of course. It already happen today. In this case an extra purchase will be done. Same if product gets broken.12:05
sisalpcedk: they use a specific process to reserve products.12:07
sisalpcedk: 1-customer orders, 2-customer is billed and goods are reserved, 3-customer pays and goods are shipped, 4- if customer doesn't pay, goods are unreserved12:10
cedksisalp: what do you mean by reserved?12:10
cedksisalp: is it that nobody else can take or that they try to have the quantity in stock?12:11
sisalpcedk: nobody else can take12:11
sisalpcedk: it leads to extra inventory, but they cannot afford to bill and not be able to deliver12:12
sisalpcedk: there are specifics  in this case, but based on a generic relationship between wholesalers and retaillers12:14
sisalpnobody here has a similar case ?12:15
cedksisalp: and what happens in case the product can not be reserved when billing?12:22
sisalpcedk :  2- goods are reserved and customer is billed solves the case12:25
cedksisalp: yeps :-)12:28
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sisalphello, iirc, there was a discussion about modules dependencies to avoid to create extra modules just in case of module combinations19:57
sisalpfor ex: carrier adds a product and sale_analytic adds an analytic account requirement, so we should define a carrier_sale_analytic so carrier fills this account up19:59
sisalpdo you remember what was told about it ,19:59
zodmandudes exist a repo por proteus.js ?22:50

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