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cedkalbertca: I think the payment term patch almost ready, once you will fix the last remarks13:41
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shomonhi, I got the tryton 2.2.1 client package for precise, but I have a different ubuntu version, and can't upgrade or it'll break other things14:02
shomonhow can I just get tryton 2.2 working on ubuntu 11.04?14:03
shomonthe only thing it seems to want is python 2.7 which I have anyway.14:03
cedkshomon: you can try to install via pip14:05
cedkshomon: pip install tryton14:06
shomonokay, will type it14:06
cedkshomon: or pip install --user tryton (to install only for your user)14:06
shomonthe other user on this computer, is my cat14:06
shomonshe doesn't do much14:06
shomonof course she has a night time mouse racket to run, so might want some ERP for it ;)14:07
cedkshomon: with --user is generally less intrusif for the OS14:08
shomonI don't have --user as an option...14:09
cedkshomon: too old version of pip14:09
shomonah I did --upgrade14:10
cedkshomon: you can try: --install-option="--user"14:10
shomonah, too late14:10
shomonah good I wasn't sudo, so now I added that and this time it worked.14:12
cedkalbertca: you should fix your editor for trailing spaces:
TelesightShomon: Do you have your Tryton client up and running?19:20
shomonhi Telesight I was about to connect in a bit and try it out19:37
shomonI have to see if we can do dual currency...19:37
TelesightShomon: Ok, otherwise I do have a description that is used for Ubuntu 11.10, see chapter 4 and 5:
shomonoh cool :)19:49
TelesightShomon: And to start configuring Tryton, maybe this helps:
shomonthanks, that's great! will read through those19:53
shomonas far as you know, can you have 2 currencies at once in it?19:54
TelesightShomon: I am afraid others have to explain this possibility  ...19:59
shomon:) that's okay, you've helped me loads with those already19:59
TelesightShomon: The writer of documentation is the one with the questions, not the answers ;-)20:01
shomonI just found a discussion on currencies in the IRC logs. Looks like openerp has what I need, but maybe the currency module can do something too20:05
cedkshomon: Tryton has multi-currency support20:07
TelesightShomon: You won't get many answers about OpenERP here20:07
shomonno, it was in the comments in that chat, and the idea was to take this module and convert it to work in tryton20:12
shomonbut in any case, first step is to see if the currency module can do what our coop wants20:12
cedkshomon: have you a link?20:12
shomoncedk, great!20:13
shomonyes I do20:13
shomonjust a sec20:13
shomonso many tabs open :S20:14

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