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mbouvhello, I'm trying to install NANtic modules (product_kit and stock_kit) but I have some issues. Could anyone help me please ?12:21
cedkmbouv: the guys from NANtic are not often on irc12:33
cedkmbouv: but it is always better to explain your issue instead of just asking for help12:33
mbouvok. So I've run the and I have this message : error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('trytond>=2.3,<2.4')12:35
cedkmbouv: it is because the module is written for the development version, and there is no publish of it12:38
cedkmbouv: the best way to deal with development version is to fetch the module in the trytond/modules directory and not install it12:39
mbouvok i'll do it. Thanks12:40
mbouvI put my product_kit module in the /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/trytond-2.2.2-py2.7.egg/trytond/modules/ directory but it don't seem to work13:45
bechamelmbouv: you must restart the server13:52
sisalpmbouv: I don't think your modules are there. make a find or check /home/erp_user13:54
sisalpor it depends if you followed the doc I sent you ...13:54
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jcmcedk: trying to reproduce the bug I see here with the demo server 2.217:23
jcmcedk: I installed analytic_* modules17:23
jcmcedk: then added a root analytic account17:23
jcmcedk: when saving a second analytic acocunt, I get 'The field "Parent" on "Analytic Account" is required.'17:23
jcmcedk: cannot set the parent (grayed field)17:24
shomonhi, is there a guide to getting tryton running on debian?17:24
shomonwe think it's running, but can't connnect to it17:24
shomonmaybe if we could connect from the terminal on the server or could figure out how to troubleshoot17:25
jcmshomon: tell us how you installed : from mercurial ? from debian packages ? what tryton version ?17:25
shomon it couldn't all be installed the same way17:26
shomonsome dependencies via apt17:26
shomonothers via mercurial17:26
shomonthe actual tryton package comes from mercurial17:27
jcmusing hg_nested you can install all nested modules in the same version as server17:29
jcmshomon: could be the ipv6 pb: do you have in your config file "interface =" to listen on ipv4 ?17:31
shomonjust checking17:32
shomonno it doesn't have anything like that17:33
shomonI will put one in though...17:33
shomonis there a way to tell if tryton is connecting to the database?17:34
shomonah, I got stuck because the /etc/init.d/tryton file isn't finding the executable17:48
shomondo you know if there is a version of /etc/init.d/trytond that is already made for debian 317:51
jcm3 = squeeze ?17:51
jcmI installed by mercurial, my trytond.conf is not in /etc17:52
jcmshomon: I added the init.d from the debian package17:53
jcmshomon: some months ago, was;a=blob_plain;f=debian/tryton-server.init;h=c64da73be3ed0f66759cd874043890d20b7bf943;hb=HEAD17:53
jcmtake the last version and edit it17:53
jcmyou need /etc/default too17:54
jcmshomon: but first get your trytond working, then automate it with init.d17:55
shomonyes jcm it's squeeze but with bits and pieces18:00
shomonah so if installed via mercurial, the trytond.conf might be elsewhere :)18:00
shomonsorry, I've been mostly trying to figure out how to open the port in debian18:00
jcmshomon: you don't need to open any port unless you installed a firewall18:01
shomonoops jcm - that link won't work for me18:01
shomonmaybe you need a login?18:01
shomonit's only for maintainers18:03
shomonwell we are getting connection refused18:03
jcmshomon: search on debian-mainteners.org18:03
shomonwhich could also mean it's not running18:03
shomonvery strange, that won't work either18:03
jcmhave a look here r
shomonjcm, yes, we tried with 1.6, then 1.8, now 2.218:19
shomonit couldn't reimport dumped db copies so we're trying with 2.218:20
cedkjcm: fill an issue18:22
shomonhi, sorry we were chatting here with someone who installed all these things. it may be that he was using the export function in the app, rather than just dumping the db and copying it over a new trytond db18:26
shomonbut another problem in 1.8 and 1.6 was that modules couldn't be removed once installed18:26
shomonanyway that debian link points to 1.618:26
jcmcedk: is analytic_* reported to work in a production somewhere ?18:29
cedkjcm: don't know18:32
shomonis it vaguely easy to edit the invoices tryton outputs? we have a local barter currency..18:47
shomonand it already has it's accounting system18:47
nicoeshomon: by edit I assume you mean change the odt18:55
nicoeshomon: in that case you just have to change the invoice.odt file in account_invoice18:55
nicoeIt is a relatorio template
shomonnicoe, can I add and remove stuff from the variables?18:56
shomonok thanks will look up that!18:56
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