IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2012-05-20 #tryton log beginning Sun May 20 00:00:01 CEST 2012
albertcacedk: haven't had the time to check that patch, sorry. Very busy these days. Will give you feedback13:26
albertcacedk: also have to find a test case I had13:26
cedkalbertca: ok have you a date?13:34
albertcacedk: unless I can have some time this week (which I doubt) it may be around 9th June13:36
albertcacedk: I'll be on holidays for a week so that will delay things a bit13:37
albertcacedk: BTW, I'll be presenting Tryton in the Spanish OpenERP days :)13:38
cedkalbertca: good15:07
cedkalbertca: ok I guess I will test more myself15:07

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