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Luminos741I'm having issues with the installation of new modules using Proteus15:04
Luminos741The module to install is 'sale'15:05
SISalp1are default values operated differently from proteus than on client ? Shall we feed explicitly defaults values when creating an item from proteus ?15:21
bechamelSISalp1: iirc proteus takes care of it15:22
SISalp1thank you15:27
SISalp1On our server, the demo script doesn't work on 2.415:28
SISalp1we miss the last version15:30
SISalp1our's is 30 october15:30
SISalp1so 2.2 compliant15:31
Luminos741The URL we found is :
udonoLuminos741: Hi, which version of Tryton you use?15:37
Luminos741udono: I'm using Tryton 2.415:37
udonoLuminos741: Which error you get?15:39
SISalp1this one seems newer :
Luminos741I gget this : "AttributeError: type object 'ir.module.module' has no attribute 'install'"15:42
udonoLuminos741: may you please paste the complete traceback, e.g. on
bechamelLuminos741: paste also the relevant part of your code15:45
Luminos741Traceback here :
Luminos741And code there :
bechamelLuminos741: it should be Module.button_install15:48
Luminos741bechamel: Just tried, the error is the same except for the attribute that becomes 'button_install' in the AttributeError15:52
Luminos741I probably should have missed something :)15:57
bechamelLuminos741: I don't see why it does not work16:00
Luminos741bechamel: Me neither (unfortunatly)16:01
udonoLuminos741: delete the tryton_demo.pyc file and retry with Module.button_install16:07
Luminos741udono: Where is this file located ?16:08
udonoLuminos741: usually beside the file.16:08
Luminos741udono: Can't find it... Maybe is the problem here ?16:10
udonoLuminos741: no, I do not think it is a problem. if the pyc file is not there, it is compiled on each run.16:11
Luminos741udono: This issue is part of a more complete code. Would you like to check all the code ?16:13
udonoLuminos741: double check the trytond version. Are you sure using 2.4 and not tip==2.516:14
Luminos741udono: How can I check that ? To be absoluty sure ;)16:15
Luminos741Got it, the version is 2.4.216:16
SISalp1if I run several trytond, how does proteus know which one to use ?16:21
udonoLuminos741: so you should use Module.install like defined in
SISalp1are there hidden defaults that make it find it on port 8000 for example ?16:22
Luminos741udono: I'll check this out, thank you16:23
Luminos741udono: I should say I don't really understand how this work... My poor python isn't helping ;)16:25
udonoSISalp: are the trytonds in one branch?16:25
SISalp1they are started from source as detached processes16:26
SISalp1everyone has its own code directory and ports16:26
udonoSISalp: I mean are you using only branch 2.2 or only 2.4 or are you using both?16:27
SISalp1for the today try I run only 2.416:27
SISalp1on redefined ports16:27
SISalp1linux user is separated too16:28
udonoSISalp: With >=2.4 you are lucky. You can use a config file for proteus,
SISalp1udono: a new point for me. I don't see how this will work. have to have a deep thought about it. Thank you16:34
udonoSISalp: IIUC, you can instruct trytond to use a specific trytond.conf file for a proteus connection.16:36
SISalp1udono: I have a script, the question is how do I choose the trytond it imports16:37
SISalp1can I import such a way /home/erp_user/production/server/trytond ?16:39
SISalp1or should I share the trytond config file with proteus, and if yes how ?16:43
udonoSISalp: Hard to say without knowing your exact setup and your goals. Do you use virtualenv and pip?16:46
SISalp1I do for trytond16:47
udonoSISalp: So why not install trytond and proteus into the venv and just import trytond16:47
SISalp1may be I'd rather use the xmlrpc locally to connect to the local trytond as it were distant ?16:48
SISalp1good idea I do16:48
SISalp1udono: I didn't install trytond in the environment. I use bin/python /path to tryton16:53
udonoSISalp: Why not install trytond into the venv?16:53
SISalp1I don't know, I used env for dependencies only16:54
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grasbauerwhy I can't delete an invoice generated form a sale? Are there sideefects, if I disable this behavior?17:24
cedkgrasbauer: cancel it17:24
SISalp1hello, pip install tryton-modules-all doesn't work, what is wrong ?17:25
cedkSISalp1: I don't think there is such packages17:26
SISalp1cedk: pip install trytond works17:27
grasbauercedk:it seems that canceling the invoice not solves the problem - the check makes a database lookup, if there is a sale related to the invoice17:29
cedkSISalp1: yes because it exists17:32
cedkgrasbauer: but why do you want to delete if it is cancel?17:33
grasbauercedk: good question ;) the invoice has no lines, because with invoice_line_standalone it is possible to merge invoices. This results in a lot of empty invoices in the treeview - which confuses our client17:45
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grasbauercedk: I'll go to write a wizzard "merge invoices" to handle this ....17:54
cedkgrasbauer: don't understand17:54
cedkgrasbauer: why is there empty invoice?17:54
cedkgrasbauer: and is it customer or supplier invoice?17:54
grasbauercedk: its a customer invoice - the usecase is: creating a sale with 1000 product, shipping partial 10x100 - there are 10 invoices. now the user frees the invoice_lines of 9 of them - adding this lines to one invoice - results in 9 empty invoices17:57
cedkgrasbauer: why?18:02
grasbauercedk: why what? why he makes one invoice for ten shipments?18:03
cedkgrasbauer: yes why changing the way the invoice is generated after they are generated instead of before?18:04
grasbauercedk: the sale is set to 'invoice on shipment' - its a sale with 10.000 Products. the client does calls for parts of this sale daily, sometimes hourly - so each day a lot of invoices are generated. The customer don't want a invoice for each call - he wants a invoice for one week or each 1000 products or whatever. and a client whos orders such a great amount of goods is king ....18:09
cedkgrasbauer: so it must not be "invoice on shipement" or it must be improve18:10
cedkgrasbauer: we already made a custom module to make the sale append invoice to exiting invoice instead of new one18:12
grasbauercedk: ;) - that was my first approach as well - but it does not work in our particular usecase. So my first question was, if something strange happens, if I delete the sale_invoice_rel if i merge the invoices.18:14
cedkgrasbauer: don't think18:16
cedkgrasbauer: but you could lose a link to invoice for some sales18:16
cedkgrasbauer: but I don't understand why it doesn't apply18:18
grasbauercedk: could be that I missed a possible solution18:19
cedkgrasbauer: I did it quite generic with in mind ti could be published) but it evolved in such way that it is no more18:20
cedkgrasbauer: but the principle was simple, just overide the create method of invoice to return an existing one with similar values18:21
grasbauercedk: sounds reasonable - need to talk with the client if this way is the prefered one or a small wizzard for selecting a number of invoices and merge them18:22
grasbauercedk: the reason why applying lines to an already open invoice does not works all the time: the invoices need to splitted by product_categories18:24
grasbauercedk: but this could be implemented as well18:25
grasbauercedk: have written the merge module in a short sprint. the new wizzard is reloading the view from which the wizzard was started - but with the same res_ids, right? Because I delete records in the wizzard - so the reloading causes an error ...20:58
cedkgrasbauer: yes21:19
grasbauercedk: is there a way to reload the initial screen to avoid this?21:26
grasbauerACTION seems impossible 22:21
cedkgrasbauer: not possible22:26
grasbauercedk: so I should start the wizard from menu22:26

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