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scrapperhello folks in Tryton 2.2.0 module purchase in the manually filled purchase date gets overwritten by the actual date when the button "Confirm" is pressed. First one has to click button "Quotation" -> than the Purchase date is still the valid manually entered value. But after clicking "Confirm" the manually entered "Purchase Date" gets overwritten by the actual days date. I think this is a BUG. Can you guys tell me more08:58
scrapperabout that issue?08:58
scrapperWhy should a "Purchase Date" field be editable at first - when it gets overwritten later on?09:07
scrapperirclog: To solve the "Purchase Date" issue I have excluded in Tryton 2.2.0 in line ~740 self.set_purchase_date(
pietervdrHi, how can I install trytond_account_nl on a fresh ubuntu 12.04 / tryton-server install?12:02
pietervdrAs you wil understand, I am a newbie on both12:02
nicoepietervdr: didn't "pip install trytond_account_nl" worked ?12:06
nicoeAnd AFAIK there is no trytond_account_nl module where did you get it ?12:07
pietervdr See: for example12:08
pietervdrnicoe: can I use the pip command just like that or do I have to install anything (like with easy_install etc)?12:22
nicoeIn theory if the package has been well done then the pip command should be enough12:24
pjstevnspietervdr: and if the account_nl package doesn't install please let me know12:54
pietervdrpjstevns: since you seem to be the creator of the module,  is pip the appropriate way?13:10
pietervdrInstalled python-pip and it looks like it works. Thanks both of you.13:13
pjstevnsLike nicoe said: it should work. But I always use 'zc.buildout' driven deployments13:13
pjstevnsah great13:13
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lukiohello, I have a problem to set a domain to a many2one field.   my code at ->
lukioi'm trying to set a domain filtering by the context. but the problem seems that i can't get the active context21:58
lukioany idea is welcome21:59
lukiohello ?22:38
bechamellukio: I'm not sure to understand what you want to achieve, but I don't think it's possible23:15
bechamellukio: I just checked the client code and it seems that the wizard correctly fill the contect with the active id (in ./tryton/gui/window/ line 71)23:24
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