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rhubnerudono: ow.. i got ou... are you there?00:27
lukio1hello, how i set a dynamic domain of a many2one field ? i want to set it into a on_change function01:01
lukio1any idea? thanks01:01
lukio1do u know how to set a context in a wizard?03:50
lukio1i want to set the context in a second StateView of a wizard, but i don't know how to...03:51
lukio1i tried to do it in the transition -> Transaction().set_context(newcontext) but it's not working .. :(03:52
lukio1hello ?06:20
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efxhello, I try to retrieve all the employees of a given company using proteus. I suppose I should use the child_of operator but I don't understand how to use it, I looked on the doc but that didn't help me. Does somedody know how to do that ?12:55
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