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shomonhi, I can login via psql using my tryton user, but via tryton it gives "bad login" anything wrong?12:38
piloudatabase user (defined in tryton.conf) and client/GUI users are different. With the tryton client you should try "admin" and the admin password you have chosen after the database initialization ("Admin Password for"/"Admin Password Confirmation").12:53
piloudatabase user is used by trytond daemon.12:55
shomonthanks pilou !13:38
shomonI get "INFO:dispatcher:bad login or password 'admin' from ::1:44639 using JSON-RPC on database 'tryton24'" from psql13:46
shomonalso pip install command for tryton client doesn't accept the parameter "-user"13:53
socrates_Hi, I'm from Dominican Republic14:16
socrates_Please I need to install tryton on Fedora 1714:17
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