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shalabhaggarwalHi, how do we apply field level security/access ? Is there a reference?12:33
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shalabhaggarwalcedk: Hi, how do we apply field level security/access ? Is there a reference?14:54
cedkshalabhaggarwal: it works like model.access14:56
cedkshalabhaggarwal: just create an entry for the field to activate it14:56
rugger15_anyone here?, im trying to run tryton 2.4 on FreeBSD box. trytond server start stuck at "NFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on localhost:8000", any ideas?15:05
bechamelrugger15_: it looks like a normal output15:06
cedkrugger15_: why do you think it is not working?15:06
rugger15_as soon as that prompt happens, my konsole window stops working. and I can't get client to find server on localhost15:07
shalabhaggarwalcedk: thanks, it worked15:08
cedkrugger15_: what do you mean by "my konsole window stops working"?15:12
rugger15cedk, sorry about it. konsole is the virtual shell for the KDE window manager. essentially once i run the trytond command and the last prompt regarding JSON-RPC happens my shell becomes unresponsive15:28
cedkrugger15: what do you mean by "unresponsive" ?15:42
rugger15while I can enter text, nothing happens.15:44
rugger15it no longer accepts commands15:44
cedkrugger15: why do you want to enter text to a daemon?15:46
rhubnercedk: hi15:50
bechamelrugger15: if you want to get back the console just hit Ctrl-c15:51
rhubnercedk: What did you think the last version? lack anything?15:51
bechamelrugger15: if you want to launch trytond in background you can do something like: trytond &> /dev/null &15:52
cedkrhubner: did not test15:53
rugger15thank you guys... I'm a little bit new, I thought that when I launched it was going straight to the bakcground15:54
rhubnercedk: ok15:55
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