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__efx__what is the role of the write_uid field present on all models ?11:43
bechamel__efx__: it tells which user made the last edit11:46
__efx__bechamel: ok thank you11:50
cedkbechamel: better to point to doc:
bechamelcedk: "The definition of the trytond.model.fields.DateTime field create_date of records" should be removed12:15
cedkbechamel: why ?12:17
bechamelcedk: what does it means ? it is not even a sentence12:19
cedkbechamel: it is the definition of the DateTime field 'create_date'12:20
bechamelcedk: so for you, create_date is "the definition of the trytond.model.fields.DateTime field create_date of records"12:23
cedkbechamel: yes class attributes are definition12:25
bechamelcedk: the doc is there to help people understand the software, not to confuse them12:27
cedkbechamel: yes so it must be right and not make believe them wrong assumption12:28
bechamelcedk: so if we remove the sentence, the doc will be wrong ?12:30
bechamelcedk: bwt, if nobody understand it, there are not difference between right or wrong12:33
cedkbechamel: no but it will miss some info like it is a Datetime etc.12:33
cedkbechamel: patch is welcome12:33
RickorDDHow can i booking in Tryton for example14:00
shomonhi RickorDD I've got a module that does appointments. it's part of gnuhealth14:03
shomonis that what you meant? or booking rooms or items?14:03
RickorDDHi Shomon14:04
RickorDDno a account booking to create a balance sheet14:04
RickorDDi use the german "SKR03"14:05
shomonno I've got stuck with libraries at the moment..14:05
cedkRickorDD: what do you want to book?14:12
RickorDDas example a car in the balancesheet14:13
cedkRickorDD: fill a supplier invoice14:15
RickorDDand with open journal14:18
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rhubnerHi nicoe17:13
nicoerhubner: hello rhubner17:16
rhubnernicoe: I guess I dont quite understand the email ... Did I pass in the final evaluation?17:19
nicoerhubner: you pass17:19
rhubnernicoe: ok! Thanks... I think the best way is to add something even more beautiful made in javascript in client17:21
rhubnerI didn't think very helpful in putting all dates in View logs ....17:22
cedkrhubner: javascript has nothing to do about "being beautiful"17:23
nicoejavascript looks like a bad idea: another language, another set of bindings, and js do not do stuff magically beautifull17:24
rhubnercedk nicoe: goocanvas then?17:24
rhubnercedk nicoe: should be something that is easy to perform zoom across the dates... what do you think?17:25
nicoeI don't remember the name of the lib used by smoldersan17:27
smoldersanit's goocanvas17:29
cedknicoe: goocanvas, but I don't think it is a solution17:30
rhubnerlibrary which is used in those sound editors/video to edit pieces? something like that looks good..17:31
cedkrhubner: I think you still did not get it, user don't care about the beauty but about effisness17:33
cedkrhubner: for now, I will go with just the datetime widget17:33
cedkbecause it is very much efficient17:33
rhubnercedk nicoe: But so... What does it have to improve now?17:37
nicoerhubner: You could work on the history for list view17:39
cedkrhubner: as I already said: must work on the list, no fixed points17:39
cedkrhubner: and also use a list of revision in the view logs17:39
rhubnercedk: But what could I use to add this list instead of the scale?17:43
rhubnercedk: Scale there is a way to not have fixed points ... So we even forget the scale!17:44
cedkrhubner: don't understand what you are asking about list17:48
rhubnercedk nicoe: I know we should have a list of dates ... But I see no other way unless a timeline! But without the scale, I do not know what to use17:48
nicoerhubner: we're talking about list of records17:48
nicoenot list of dates17:48
rhubnercedk: rhubner: as I already said: must work on the list, no fixed points -> I guess I never understood that!17:49
rhubnernicoe: What is the list of records?17:50
nicoerhubner: In tryton there is the form view and the list view17:51
nicoewe are talking about the list view17:51
nicoethe view where you see mulitple records (parties, what so ever, ...)17:52
rhubnernicoe: I got it now... And what can be done? Add a list view in time-line widget?17:56
nicoerhubner: the reverse add the timeline widget to the list view17:56
rhubnernicoe: Let me get this straight ... Something must be removed from the time-line widget? I must leave that scale, entry date, ...?17:58
nicoeI don't mind the scale but it's not the difficult part of using the widget on a list of records18:01
nicoeYou should first focus on making this work18:01
rhubnernicoe: But still not clear to me what exactly I should do from now on...18:05
nicoerhubner: what you did for the form view, you should do the same for the list view18:06
nicoerhubner: make sure that once a date is selected in the timeline_widget then all the records of the view are loaded with said date18:07
rhubnernicoe: how do I see the list view?18:10
rhubnernicoe: Or I have to add it somewhere?18:11
rhubnernicoe: must I add a switch view? That I didn't understand...18:12
nicoeList views for party is the first view you see when you double-click on 'Party' in the client18:14
juanfeHello! I have a problem trying to run trytond 2.2 in debian, it doesn't find the lxml module: I already have installed the python-lxml, some idea?18:47
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cedkjuanfe: lxml seems to not be correctly installed19:43
juanfecedk I installed the debian package, and I try to install de python one, but I have a problem with it! I will try again!19:55
juanfecedk I don't know why but the python-lxml doesn't work, finally I use the pip install lxml, after install  libxslt-dev, it's looks as if it work! now I have other problem, but I hope to solve soon. Thx20:12
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