IRC logs of #tryton for Thursday, 2012-08-30 #tryton log beginning Thu Aug 30 00:00:01 CEST 2012
scrapperIs tryton currency auto update compatible to tryton version2.2.0 when its built for version 1.8+?10:33
scrappersharoonthomas: ping10:34
sharoonthomasscrapper: pong10:34
scrappersharoonthomas: is tryton auto update compatible to version 2.2.0 ?10:34
sharoonthomasscrapper: its not compatible, if you plan to migrate we can help you with it10:34
sharoonthomasscrapper: should be easy10:35
scrappersharoonthomas: so this will be another future task for me :-)10:35
scrappersharoonthomas: thx thomas. will work on it as soon as there is time left!10:36
sharoonthomasscrapper: feel free to ping me or shalabhaggarwal if you have any questions10:36
scrappersharoonthomas: thank you very much! I will come back to you in the next weeks.10:38
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rhubnerHi cedk19:24
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