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adeb6600cedk: what is the recommended development pathway for working with tryton codebase, i want to use the pycharm ide and python 2.711:38
nicoeadeb6600: I don't know the pycharm IDE but using any editor work11:40
nicoeadeb6600: I usually have a nclone of trytond that I nclone again to work on a specific feature11:41
nicoeadeb6600: once the patch is ready I submit it on our rietveld instance11:41
nicoeadeb6600: (using the hgreview helps here)11:43
nicoeadeb6600: once the patch is *really* ready you can submit it11:43
adeb6600nicoe:by trytond you mean the trytond and trytond modules pip installed on my workstation?11:45
cedkadeb6600: depends what you want to do. Do you want to develop Tryton or develop your own modules?11:46
adeb6600Cedk: mostly want to develop my own modules but also contribute to tryton if need be11:48
cedkadeb6600: to contribute you must clone the mercurial sources11:49
cedkadeb6600: to write your module, you can use the releases11:49
vegaihey... does anyone know if the thing called "GNU/Health" is in actual production use anywhere?12:11
cedkvegai: you should ask the question to the #gnuhealth channel12:14
vegaioh, there is one?12:19
katrI have a question regarding the TranslationClean wizard:13:02
katrIs it intentional that it doesn't clean up entries of the type "model" with IDs which point to objects which not longer exist?13:04
cedkkatr: no13:05
katrOk, should I push a patch to the code review and fill a bug report?13:05
cedkkatr: yes13:06
katrcedk: O.K., I'll do that. Thanks!13:07
shomonis it possible to get a history of who did what in tryton?14:32
shomonas in "who ordered all these shrimps!!"14:33
katrshomon: Do you mean something like the "audittrail" module of Open ERP?14:36
shomonis it possible to have multiple tryton installs on one machine?18:36
shomonon different ports?18:36
cedkshomon: yes use different configuration18:36
shomonaah so just run different instances with different confs linked to different dbs18:36
shomonthanks cedk - is that each with different software versions and plugins etc?18:37
cedkshomon: you can if you make different installation18:41
shomondifferent installation directores maybe18:42
shomonhi, how do you trace a history of user actions in tryton?20:38

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