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katrcedk: Hi!12:34
katrcedk: I've added a first version of the blueprint to the wiki.12:35
katrcedk: Can you take look please?12:35
cedkkatr: I will13:18
katrcedk: Thanks!13:54
rmui just wanted to try tryton-trunk with active-record patch from
rmubut i'm stuck when trying to create a new database15:56
rmuwith infinite recursion15:56
rmulike this
rmupatch applied cleanly15:57
cedkrmu: you probably have a module not migrated15:59
rmuhmm. ok will check16:00
the_antis it possible to upgrade tryton-server from tryton 1.4.1 to tryton 2.2.116:50
cedkthe_ant: it should16:54
rmuok, seems i missed a failed hunk in model.py16:55
the_antcedk: so i just need to backup my database, upgrade to 2.2.1, and restore the database?16:55
cedkthe_ant: no, upgrade in place (but make backup before)16:57
the_antcedk: thanks. i'll go upgrade.17:05
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