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shomonI'm getting FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "tryton"00:19
shomonwhen creating a db for first time00:19
shomonanyone know how to open it? I'm in pg_hba.conf00:19
bechamelshomon: try "createuser tryton"00:24
bechamelI think you must launch the command with the postgres user00:24
shomonthere is already a user00:31
shomonI made it.. it has createdb privs etc00:32
shomonI can connect if I su to that user and do psql00:32
shomonbut I've not tried from another server..00:32
bechamelshomon: yes by default postrgesql trust local users00:40
shomonwhen I give tryton the wrong user it gives  a "res.user" error. where can I add a check for that error to show a nicer error message?03:26
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shomonI get the error "res.user" no matter what user I try and log in with. How do I check through postgres permissions if that's the problem?11:33
shomonI'll pastebin the whole thing11:33
cedkshomon: did you create the database via tryton ?11:34
shomonI created it, and then when it asked to upgrade the 3 modules it had.. it got stuck11:35
shomonso that might be it too cedk .11:35
shomonMaybe I should trash it and build a new one.11:35
shomondb I mean11:35
rmui'm just testing the active record patch11:47
rmupatch applied cleanly11:47
rmucreated database11:47
rmubut login chokes on
rmuTypeError: object of type 'int' has no len()11:48
cedkrmu: you must apply the patch also on tryton11:54
shomonhere is the error from before:
shomonI'm trying to make a clean postgres db to do it11:57
shomonbut for ages I couldn't connect at all until someone in #postgres said "alter role tryton with password 'somepass'"11:57
cedkshomon: probably the database is not setup11:59
shomonhmm. When I installed though, it let me create it via the tryton client from my laptop12:00
rmucedk: ok thx12:22
shomonwhat is the best way to ensure that tryton stays up (apart from monitoring the server)12:49
shomonI mean if I add it as a service on the server - will it be fired up again if crashed?12:50
shomonI thought of a crontab to check if it's running and run it if not12:50
bechamelshomon: I know at least supervisord that does what you want (other suggestion
bechamelshomon: but then you have to monitor a new daemon :)12:54
shomonthat'll be one more than 0 :)12:55
shomonwhat is the best way to stop the server? I usually kill it just with ctrl-c!14:23
bechamelshomon: you can set the pidfile in trytond.conf, and then use:  kill $(cat /path/to/pidfile)14:27
shomonso trytond will then look for it's pid and die if not found?14:27
bechamelshomon: no, it just means that when it start, the server puts it's pid in a file14:31
bechamelshomon: like that it's easier to find it later (this is mainly useful when trytond runs in background or as a daemon)14:31
shomonah okay thanks :)14:33
shomonI see.. so you refer to the pid cool14:34
shomonnow I've got a server and my client connects (yay!) but now I'm trying to add some modules so as to have something other than "administratioN"14:34
shomonand it comes with res, webdav, admin modules. I've tried to upgrade these14:35
shomonif I do it all together they seem to do something, but then the client re-draws it's windows and everything is like before14:36
bechamelshomon: looks like you don't have other modules, or that the server does not find them14:38
shomonhmm.. I downloaded the tar.gzs for all the modules with the same version number (2.4.2) as my server14:39
shomonand then I went in to one and unzipped, tried to install14:40
shomonit was the account module14:40
bechamelshomon: your modules must be under /path/to/trytond/modules/14:42
shomonvery strange :( I downloaded this package linked from here:
shomonso I just installed it. I thought the next step might be to install the modules. but you mean they should already be installed?14:43
shomonso I downloaded it, sorted out a conf, ran python install, and now ran trytond -c myconf.conf14:44
shomonI connected, made the db.. then python installed one of the modules I'd downloaded (trytond_account)14:44
shomonbut the other ones for my version are very few. Just account, analytic purchase and calendar seem to be ready for this version14:44
shomonwhen I installed gnuhealth I used pip and it ended up with loads of modules already installed.14:45
shomonmaybe there is another main module package I'm missing?14:45
bechamelshomon: the x in 2.4.x is only incremented when a bugfix is released for it14:47
shomonso I can install any 2.4.1 and 2 modules? Hmm I wonder which one I have to install first14:47
bechamelshomon: so if there are no 2.4.2 for a module, it is not a problem, just use 2.4.1 (or 2.4.0 if there is no 2.4.1)14:48
shomonthe process for adding modules is download, unzip, install, and then do I have to do something to tryton to say "modules are here"?14:48
shomonI mean the process I went through14:48
bechamelshomon: installing the package wrt to you OS doesn't mean it will be available in the server14:48
bechamelit just mean that it will be available14:49
corroshomon: when your installed modules don't appear in the modules list, try updating an already installed module. This will reload the module list.14:49
shomonaah.. so I have to unzip it and copy the module files somehow under the trytond directory?14:49
shomoncorro, I have been updating my already installed modules about 3 times now.. no change14:49
bechamelshomon: first chekc if you have something in the module directory, if there is nothing you must copy them there14:50
shomonjust the tar.gz's??14:50
bechamelshomon: no, the unziped folder14:52
shomonah I just unzipped one and tryton gave me an eror "invalid syntax" it didn't like the hyphen in trytond_account_invoice_history-2.4...14:52
shomonbut that shows it's looking :)14:52
shomonit doesn't like any of the directory extensions with version numbers on it.14:54
bechamelshomon: yes the name of the directory is important, you should find where the has installed them, and link to it from you module dir14:57
bechamelACTION doesn't understand why doesn't install the module at the right place ..14:58
shomonaah I see..14:59
shomonyeah that was my naivete there14:59
shomonthanks bechamel!14:59
shomonI could write an "installing modules" guide after all this...15:00
cedkshomon: but it is so simple: pip install xxx15:01
shomonwell I got in a mess before because some things I installed via pip and others via download/setup.py15:03
shomonon a different note, does tryton run on ironpython?15:21
shomonwork with it even15:22
rmuhmm. perhaps i'm just plain stupid or blind, but how do you search for specific subject in
nicoermu: you can't, that's a real pitty17:50
cedkrmu: google ?17:51
rmuhmm. ok.17:53
rmuACTION <- reliefed17:53
rmufound some missing decorators in, but generation of production doesn't work yet17:54
rmuit complains that Pool().get('')(1) is not an instance of <class ''>17:59
cedkrmu: fixed18:28
cedkrmu: but you are right there is something wrong with stock_supply_production18:31
rmui put another comment on codereview18:33
rmuthis seems to fix that for me, but i'm not sure if it is intended this way18:33
cedkrmu: I don't see your comment18:34
rmuah ok18:35
rmui missed your message18:36
cedkrmu: it works now for me18:36
cedkuploaded a new full patch18:38
rmunext thing i'm investigating is "open bom tree" complaining about missing UOM, but i will retest again with latest full patch18:42
cedkrmu: it is also something I did not test18:45
cedkrmu: I got it, I'm fixing18:46
cedkrmu: uploaded a new full patch that fixes Bom Tree18:52
cedkrmu: by the way, thanks for testing18:52
rmunext thing: line 374 in production/production.py18:55
rmulist(set( for r in self.inputs)) should be list(set(r.uom for r in self.inputs))18:56
rmu*searching codereview*18:56
cedkrmu: fixed19:21
rmubom tree works for me now20:15
shomonhow do you exit from Pdb debugger? when I launch tryton with a separate logfile.. that's the only problem :)20:22
rmushomon: i don't know about the separate logfile, but "c" continues execution if it stops in the debugger20:23
rmuyou could also try "help" or "?" at the pdb prompt20:24
shomonI think I exited.. because now it doesn't show the prompt and just stays stuck unless I ctrl-z out of it20:24
shomonI guess that came out because I used -d!20:25
cedkrmu: new patch uploaded20:37
rmuthx :)20:39

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