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adeb6600i rebuilt neso using py2exe on windows using the source distribution but the application wouldnt run cna anyone help ?07:47
PilouWhy trytond-mongodb isn't integrated into the trytond repository ?10:04
cedkPilou: because it is not transactional10:04
ron_inis a web client for tryton in development?10:08
ron_inmay I ask what is the status? can I use it now?10:12
Piloucedk: May the transactions be handled by trytond (something like ?10:15
cedkPilou: I don't think it can be use for shared transaction10:18
cedkPilou: any way, shared transaction should be avoided as much as possible10:18
ron_inthanks Pilou10:19
ron_inPilou: in the google group link you sent, there was a mention of a thin client WITHOUT install, do you know what is meant by this? The tryton client can be used without install?10:21
ron_insorry, forgot to mention that I was referring to thin client on windows10:24
cedkron_in: it is: tryton-x.y.z.exe instead of tryton-setup-x.y.z.exe10:26
cedkron_in: indeed, it just copy the files in a temp directory and run it from there10:26
ron_inI see. That's very cool.10:27
cedkron_in: but it doesn't work on all windows setup because some have restriction about that10:29
ron_inI have just found tryton and am trying to learn how to develop modules, especially how to use the ORM and the new active record pattern. I have looked on the web, etc. What is the best tutorial that you would recommend?10:41
Pilouron_in: you could read code of existent modules (some are simpler than others: country, calendar).10:57
ron_inPilou: thanks, I will look. Are the modules in the mercurial repositiory?11:09
Pilou2.6: , trunk:
ron_inPilou: thanks a lot.11:17
mdnsshi people16:32
mdnssI'm installing new modules but they don't appear in the module's list16:32
mdnssany idea?16:32
mdnssI remember that cedk, but I guess it was only good luck, now they don't appear, even restarting the server16:51

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