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chrisinpgood day all22:40
chrisinpdoes anyone have a few moment to help me get tryton up?22:41
chrisinpi've all the ervices running, but they won't talk nicely, on ubuntu prcise22:41
chrisinpand yes i think my battery is running low on this keyboard22:42
rmuwhats the problem22:44
chrisinpwell I just can't get client to connect. It will poll for a db if i use 8000, but with postgres port set, nothing doing expcept bad user/pass22:46
chrisinpmy trytond.conf should have postgres db port right?22:46
rmuyou should create a new db first before trying to connect to one22:47
chrisinpyeah I've done that, a few times22:48
chrisinpfololowing 'setup and start'22:48
rmuif this works, you should also be able to connect with the client, without changing trytond.conf22:48
chrisinpwhat port should the client use?22:49
chrisinppg port?22:49
chrisinpyeah thouhgt so22:49
rmupg port is if you want to talk to pg directly22:50
chrisinpnaah it just hangs22:50
rmuwith a proper client ;)22:50
rmue.g. psql22:50
chrisinpgotcha, that gets me nowhere. 800 will poll and get db but hang22:50
rmutryton client talks to tryton server, and tryton server talks to postgresql22:50
chrisinpyep im with ya22:51
rmuso you get the list of dbs in the client, and logging in hangs?22:52
chrisinpanother thing, I cannot find a 'tryton-dist' directory. Would this be my python tree?22:52
chrisinpyeah, however perhaps more notable22:52
chrisinpfollowing the guide22:52
chrisinpI cannot find tryton-dist/trytond...22:53
chrisinpso I bash 'trython'22:53
chrisinpwhich spits a python error22:53
rmuhow did you install?22:53
chrisinppkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: tryton==2.6.022:55
chrisinpis the last line of the python error22:55
rmumy tryton packages in precise are at version 2.222:55
chrisinpgonna have another look at the line ref's, but it's a bit over my head22:56
rmuyou used the packages from
chrisinperm no, I tried the all in one via apt too, to little avail. Removed that22:57
rmuseems something is messed up with your install22:58
rmuwhat does `which tryton` say?22:58
chrisinpit's 2.21 by the looks of it22:59
chrisinp1 sec22:59
chrisinpusr local bin trython23:00
chrisinpand dpkg reports 2.2.1-1 client/server versions23:01
rmuyou have some other installation parallel to the .deb packages23:02
chrisinphmm wierd, just opened another terminal, 'trython' command not found23:03
rmutry "tryton" without h23:03
chrisinpscuse me23:04
rmudpkg does not touch stuff you install manually e.g. with "make install" or the like23:06
chrisinpi see, erm i tell a lie, neso is still there23:07
rmuwhatever, if you can create a database you should also be able to connect afterwards23:07
rmuubuntun tryton-server package starts trytond via /etc/init.d/tryton-server23:09
chrisinpyeah, can run/restart that no probs23:09
rmuyou can try running the tryton server manually23:10
rmustop the package, and type something like "trytond -v" and watch the output while tryng to connect23:11
chrisinpyeah it starts and stops fine23:13
rmu"sudo -u tryton trytond -v" is better23:13
rmustart it like this, and watch the output while trying to connect with the client23:13
chrisinpyeah that's gave me things to look at23:15
chrisinpand it crashes trytond23:17
chrisinpsocket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use23:18
rmustop the tryton-daemon first23:18
rmusudo /etc/init.d/tryton-server stop23:18
chrisinpyeah it's got to waiting for connections this time23:20
rmuso try connecting23:21
chrisinpyep, connection crashes trytond23:22
rmuany hints from the log?23:24
rmuprobably you try to connect to a db that was created with a different version of tryton23:25
chrisinpyeah I'm gonna try a new one23:27
chrisinplog coincides with bash23:28
chrisinpor terminal23:28
chrisinpyeah last entry in the log is where problems begin in terminal23:32
chrisinpmy head is swollen, enough for one day I think23:34
chrisinptry again tm23:34
chrisinpthanks for your help man23:34
rmuif you pastebin'ed the error message that would help23:35

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